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WhatsApp test move chat history to new number

The new features are in a test version of WhatsApp, WABetaINfo reports. That site is picking out such beta versions of WhatsApp in search of new features. Earlier, the site encountered the upcoming possibility to transfer chat history from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

Until now, it is still impossible to take that chat history from WhatsApp with you. Anyone who switches from an iPhone to Android now has to leave all chats, photos and videos in WhatsApp.

Switching to a new phone number while retaining the chat history is already possible, but it involves a number of steps. Moreover, the switch from number is only possible as long as it is not also switched from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

Steps streamlined

WhatsApp will streamline such a switch in a future update. There will then be one menu option for switching to a new phone. This option explicitly asks whether the telephone number is also switched. WhatsApp does say that the step is offered once: transferring the chat history is only possible when switching phones and not afterwards.

It is not yet known when the new feature will be available to all users. This will probably be related to encrypting the chat history, also a step that WhatsApp is still working on.

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