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WhatsApp: Trick to know which contact you talk to the most

by drbyos

The main communication tool in modern times is WhatsApp, as shown by the download rankigs in the Google Play and App Store stores. That is why it is important to know all the tricks available within the application.

As part of the discoveries that a user can have within the ‘app’, there is the possibility of identifying with which user it is with whom one more person talks.

Why is this function important?

The owner of the WhatsApp account, when knowing the number of messages exchanged with another person, will identify if that communication he has is more than a friendship or a work matter.

In addition, keeping a check on the weight of the files that are exchanged, gives an idea of ​​the origin of things that take up more space on the smartphone.

Step by step to discover which is the most visited chat

The user has to go to:

Settings> Data & Storage> Storage Usage

And ready there you will see which is the chat that has the most data accumulated. However, the first chat does not necessarily have the highest number of messages, because its weight may be related to video sharing. That is why the person must select a chat and there he will discover, in detail, what is the exact number of messages that were exchanged with that person.


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