Whatsapp web: How to install it on your computer or tablet

It is becoming more and more necessary to keep in touch. And in this scenario, the WhatsApp platform is undoubtedly a great ally, since it allows, through an instant messaging system, to send and receive data from other people, be it text, photos or even documents.

To date, millions of people use the web messaging system to communicate with others, either by chatting or by sending images, audios or even video calls.
The big problem, however, is that many users are unaware that they can also have WhatsApp installed on their computers, and not only on their cell phone.
For that, the messaging brand has developed what they call WhatsApp web, which is a way of seeing my message windows replicated on the computer.

Something you should keep in mind, however, is that WhatsApp web can only be installed on one computer, so in case you need to make it work on more computers, you simply have to choose which of them will have the active WhatsApp session Web. These devices are, of course, additional to the application on the cell phone, which will continue to work at all times.

Another important element to consider is that the WhatsApp Web application must work on a computer that is close to the cell phone that has the main account, because in reality what it does is connect to the mobile device in order to function. In this way, if the cell phone is far away or without an internet connection, the computer application will not be able to work either and will give a connection error.

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The first thing to clarify is that in order to use WhatsApp web, you must have a cell phone that has previously installed the messaging system. The computer will only act as a replicator of what is seen there. For this reason, it is necessary to have an active WhatsApp account and, in addition, have the phone near the computer where WhatsApp web will be used.

Once those requirements are met, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ On this page, which is official of WhatsApp, a QR code will appear.
  2. Open WhatsApp on the phone with which you want to link the account.
  3. Once the App is open:
    1. If it is done from an Android, you must go to Chats> Menu> WhatsApp Web
    2. If it is done from an iPhone, you must go to Settings> WhatsApp Web and choose the option “Scan QR code.”
  4. The system will put a camera on the cell phone and ask to find a QR code.
  5. With that camera, you must point to the computer screen (step 1) in such a way as to put the QR code in front of the cell phone.
  6. Ready, the computer version will begin to show the same as the cell phone WhatsApp.

These steps can be done with some computers. If you want to know on which computers a session is open, you can go to the WhatsApp Settings menu and there are detailed all of them. They can even be closed if desired.

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