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Whatsapp continues to be well positioned as one of the most used applications worldwide. The web version of the messaging application has many similar functions to the version for mobile devices. In fact, A useful function was created so that users can view the videos they receive without having to leave the computer app.

Whatsapp has released new features in recent weeks to improve app performance. In addition, it is expected that within a short time I will finally be able to launch the WhatsApp-I-launch-the-multi-device-mode-How-it-works-20210715-0027.html “target =” _ blank “>support to use the messaging app on multiple devices at the same time.

In that sense, many of those who are looking forward to this feature finally being released for everyone are users who regularly use the computer version of the messaging application, called Whatsapp Web.

This tool Whatsapp It has many of the functions that can be found in the mobile version of the messaging platform. In this way, it is sought that the clients of the app can enjoy a better experience within the desktop version,

One of the tools created by the developers of the application owned by Facebook it is about the function “PIP” (Picture in Picture), which allows users to view YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos, without the need to leave the chat on WhatsApp Web.

How the “PIP” mode of WhatsApp Web works

This option is currently available in the WhatsApp tool. The same pallows playing videos in a floating window instead of only within the chat where the content in question was shared.

In this way, when a user receives a link to a video of any of the social media mentioned above, the sample app will show you a preview from the chat. However, when clicked, the video plays within the conversation, which is known as “PIP mode “.

This function is useful for users. Mainly because with this mode You will not need to go to the source page to view the content. In addition, it allows the user to change the conversation without having to close the video, which will remain in a small floating window.

The PIP mode from Whatsapp Web as usual activates automatically by clicking on the video thumbnail, but if it is used for the first time you just have to do the following:

-Clear your browser’s cache.

-Restart the browser.

-Open a video link of Facebook, Instagram O YouTube.

Finally, this function, which is very useful for users in the web version, is also available in the updated versions of the messaging app for all users with an operating system. Android e iOs.


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