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“When I was 18 a man abused me”

«At 15, I was blackmailed into having sex. I was sure I would go to hell for doing this before the wedding. Today, of course, I hope this is not the case ». Matthew McConaughey he reveals it in his biography Greenlights, released in the United States on October 21. The fifty years old Oscar winner (for Dallas Buyers Club), who in 2016 was one of the supporters of the “Rape Elimination” program of the University of Texas, in the book also reveals another shocking episode from his adolescence:A 18 years went harassed by a man while I was unconscious in the back of a van “. The actor does not tell any other details about the painful abuse, but specifies that in the course of his life he has not “Never heard of a victim”: “I have had a lot of evidence that the world was conspiring to make me happy».

In recent days, while presenting the book, Matthew explained its genesis: “From an early age I have always kept a diary in which I wrote everything that excited me, that depressed me, that made me laugh, cry and that kept me awake at night “. A couple of years ago he “found the courage to take all these journals to an isolated room, just to see what the hell I had on my hands. IS I came back with a book». A biography in which he tells himself starting from childhood, through his successes, his failures and many private details that few know. Like the harassment he suffered when he was a boy.

Many pages of the book, of course, are dedicated to his wife, the Brazilian model Camila Alves, from which he got three children (Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, 8). Before meeting Camila, married in 2012, McConaughey he imagined himself “bachelor up to 88 years”: «I’ve dated wonderful women, but I’ve never stopped with any. At 35, I was looking for a lifelong lover, a best friend, a mother. When I stopped looking for her, “she” arrived ». Fifteen years after the first meeting, Camila “She’s still the only woman I’d like a date with and the only one I want by my side when I wake up “.


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