When is Eurovision 2019?


When Netta Barzilai managed to get hold of the crystal microphone in Lisbon, the Israeli prime minister was quick to proclaim that Jerusalem would be the venue for the next Eurovision festival. The truth is that from the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) other venues were valued and finally the chosen one was the city of Tel Aviv, known for its diversity and great openness to the public.

The Eurovision 2019 festival will be held from May 14 to 18, with 14 being the first of the semifinals (where 17 candidates participate) and 16 the second semifinal (which will do the other 18). Each of these days will be classified ten candidates, who will join the members of the Big 5 and Israel, who participate directly in the final on Saturday May 18.

Regarding Lisbon 2018, where 43 countries participated, this year there will be two countries less: Ukraine, which does not participate after misunderstandings in the preselection process and Bulgaria, which withdrew from the festival alleging economic problems. Up to 41 delegations will fight to succeed Netta and occupy a place in the history of the most legendary European musical event of all time.

Spain, for its part, entrusted this edition to Miki, a young Catalan who was appointed after passing through the "Operación Triunfo" academy. Its theme, "La Venda", seeks to conquer the European public with its catchy rhythm with Latin and verbenera essence, typical of its composers, the well-known group La Pegatina. Since he was appointed candidate, the truth is that Miki has not stopped working and getting involved in the project, which is expected to make a good performance on the next day 18.. (TagsToTranslate) when (t) eurovision


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