Monday, 10 Dec 2018

When Jeanne d’Arc is called Marion

They had dinner together at Drouant, the usual canteen for Goncourt academicians. Who is that ? The blonde Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and the eminence gray Patrick Buisson, closer to the Camelots of the King than the band to Basil. The information, revealed by the Express, is not only about the gastronomic section. Sarkozy’s ex-councilor, still influential, believes that his young guest embodies “the myth of the savior dear to the right”. He finds it more credible in the role than Laurent Wauquiez, whose speech “may seem insincere and dated”. The diagnosis will delight the Prince of Auvergne. Already a recent poll gives him only 8% – a misery – in case of a sudden presidential election.

Here is the “providential wife” of the opposition. According to Mr. Buisson, even the most macho conservatives love it: “It reminds them of Domremy and Vaucouleurs”. Montjoie! St Denis ! All on their knees, the new Joan of Arc arrives. All he has to do is listen a little to hear the voices calling him from the Front. Aunt Marine is no longer popular, the militant people are now demanding the niece. Which can be kept waiting, aware that his distance from politics does not detract from his popularity. On the contrary, absence nourishes envy. “The more the desire increases when the effect recedes” said Father Corneille already.

Behind the suspense about Marion’s return, an unprecedented landscape is emerging. Never has the dike erected between the FN and the Republicans appeared so porous. Many personalities plead with force for a rapprochement: Thierry Mariani, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Jean-Frederic Poisson, Robert Menard, Charles Beigbeder, Charles Millon … And thus goes away the time where it was better “to lose an election than his soul” .

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