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When silence becomes complicity

Do you know Jacques Frémont? No big deal.

The man is president of the University of Ottawa.

It’s Isabelle Hachey, in Press of Thursday, which reports the facts.


Verushka Lieutenant-Duval, professor at the University of Ottawa, has been suspended for two weeks.

His crime? She said the word ‘nigger’.

To insult or mock? Completely the opposite.

She explained that the gay community has taken the word “queer”, originally an insult, and proudly reappropriated it to make it an identity marker.

Many blacks, she said, did the same with the famous “n” word.

But no matter the context or the teacher’s intention, she … said the word.

She began by apologizing for the discomfort caused. Mistake. It was admitting that she would have done something wrong.

She then proposed, like any good teacher, to discuss it collectively.

The little beasts are unleashed: what, she even dares to want to discuss it? Outcry.

An older student, who dares to say his name, confirms to Mme Hachey that some students “want the skin” of Mme Lieutenant-Duval.

The discussion on the fate of the teacher was made Wednesday, on Zoom, in the presence of four employees and students.

The management offers students to end the year with another teacher. In short, we agree with the complainants.

The teacher, in defense, could only present a letter of apology.

Dean Kevin Kee had just one thing to say: “This language was offensive and totally unacceptable in our classrooms and on our campus. “

Yesterday, colleagues of Mme Lieutenant-Duval protested against his treatment.

Rector Frémont, when I send these lines to print (5 p.m.), had not given any sign of life.

Previously professor of law at the University of Montreal, he taught there … public freedoms and fundamental rights. Yes.

He was also, believe it or not, president of the Commission des droits de la personne et de la jeunesse du Québec. Yes.

We will also remember Catherine Russell, professor at Concordia, suspended after a cabal of students.

She said that in 1968, Pierre Vallières published a book entitled White Negroes of America.

In short, she had uttered THE word …

Concordia rector Graham Carr let it go.

These cases are increasing.

You have no idea, my reading friend, of the climate which reigns in certain university departments. And this climate is staining oil.

Let us understand: that it is ideologically “cracked” at 20 years old is nothing new.

In the 1970s, Marxist-Leninists were leading the way on campuses.

The problem today is that management is so afraid of accusations of racism that they bow to insanity and intimidation, even if it means breaking careers.

Standing !

In a report just submitted to the Minister of Higher Education, the chief scientist of Quebec, Rémi Quirion, and his group are alarmed by the situation.

When will the leaders of our universities take a leap?

Their silence is a complicit acquiescence that looks a lot like cowardice.

Courage, ladies and gentlemen!

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