When the face “speaks”: the gestures of Cristina Kirchner during the act of Alberto Fernández in Congress

In 1989 Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner starred in one of the highest grossing films of the end of the last century “The War of the Roses”. The story of a marriage that began with passionate love and that every day led the Roses to an absolute confrontation.

In Congress, at the opening of sessions, the friction between Cristina Kirchner Y Alberto Fernandez They remembered the Roses from the movie. The former president decided to use a multicolored dress, more suitable for social events than for a protocol act, designed to draw attention, but without evaluating the criticisms and memes that could be generated and generated. She was ostensibly upset from before the current president arrived at the site and had several lapses to carry out the designation of interior and exterior commissions.

Lee Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner gestures. TV capture

Lee Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner gestures. TV capture

The nonverbal language as is well known, it is always more than half of the message and in this case what will remain in the story will be the Cristina’s continuous moves towards Alberto, as last year was the “no greeting” with Mauricio Macri which is still spoken.

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When the President arrived at the Congress, there was a crossing with his vice who captured the cameras and it was the news of the day. You don’t have to be an expert to see who holds the power in that scene, who makes royal displacements and who put your hands together and duck your head. The gestures of the former president were such that can be seen in the images as even the grenadiers watch the scene embarrassed. It also shows how Alberto’s nostrils open looking for air to calm his emotions and chew anger. In fact, on the end Cristina notices the presence of the cameras and threatens with a false smile of dissimulation that does not even end up specifying.

Going to the inaugural address, it began with a very long introduction that did not end. All this accompanied by demonstrations of anger and disinterest from Cristina. So much so that at times he started talking with the provisional president of the Senate, Claudia Ledesma Abdala.

The speech presidential looked unprepared, to the point that he repeated concepts more than once and He fell into innumerable mistakes during his reading, especially when talking about the supposed economic achievements of its management. Some paragraphs were added at the last minute with the consequent problems of intonation and articulation typical of reading at first sight. At times I accelerated as if I wanted to finish at once.

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The gestures of all cabinet members were from constant discomfort. We know how this game works and will surely rush to deny it, but the expressions do not lie and were evident to everyone. If Cristina’s discomfort was marked was nothing compared to the discomfort on her face. Axel KicillofThroughout the ceremony with tight and orbicular jaws in constant tension. The tension was such that the final could be seen as everyone breathed in relief. Even Cristina made fleeting smiles as she fired Alberto.

Axel Kicillof during a section of Cristina Kirchner's speech. Caputa TV

Axel Kicillof during a section of Cristina Kirchner’s speech. Caputa TV

After her debits in the Senate, her permanent license requests and her performance at the session opening, Cristina she looks tired of her vice role and flirts with being Selena Meyer the protagonist of Alberto Fernandez’s favorite series: Veep. A vice president who finally gets everything.

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