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when the helicopters deliver the snow

Sixty rotations to bring sixty tonnes of snow. In the middle of February holidays, the station of Superbagnères (Haute-Garonne) decided to charter a helicopter for a total of 2.5 hours of flight. Tourists immortalize the scene. It we’ve been coming for a long time, and so little snow and a helicopter bringing it, it’s not common “says a woman. Natural snow, recovered from the heights, is poured onto the ski lifts for children and beginners.

In total, the operation should cost 5,000 euros. In the middle of the February holidays, which represent 60% of turnover, this decision aims to compensate for the lack of snow in the resort. 6 tracks out of 28 are open on Saturday 15 February. For environmentalists, this helicopter lift operation, like the use of snow cannons, is unnatural. This type of operation, which has been carried out for ten years in the Alps, remains a first in the French Pyrenees.

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