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Where is the “new immersive mode” of Ghost Recon Breakpoint? An irritated community wants to know.

Ghost Recon Breaking pointThe community finds itself closing February with a tense week that brings twice as much skepticism than anticipation. This month, the game is due to a “new immersive experience”, at least according to a roadmap that the developers have given for the troubled game since its October launch. But this month also saw an almost total communications blackout from Ubisoft Paris, and the players who got stuck in the game are somewhere along a spectrum of mildly irritated and resentful and angry.

On Reddit, it can be seen that Ghost Recon’s hard core restitution becomes increasingly agitated, especially when the studio has promised openness and transparency regarding Breaking pointPost-release development in October. There was a flood of information on a Terminator-themed crossover event when the latest title update was released in late January. And the game’s community manager said on February 14 that “we’re working to improve communication on our side to be in line with what we’re getting to the game.”

But since then? Grilli. This, more than anything else in the state of the game, looks like a messy project rather than a recovery.

“[Rainbow Six] subreddit … great communications from the developers, “shouted the user Tom0511 on Thursday.” The Division subreddit … weekly streams. … There is a difference between active involvement with a community and the occasional response with shoddy ones. maintenance programs, no patch notes, roadmaps that don’t really tell us anything.

“I can’t offer constructive feedback,” concluded Tom0511, “because you’re not giving us anything to build on.”

Even if Ubisoft Paris hasnt he announced a delay in his plans, there is not much optimism that things are still on track for a major title update, offering the new mode on the last Tuesday of the month. The latest title update, which delivers the Terminator cross-over event, was launched on the last Tuesday of January. But this, at least, received a message from Ubisoft Paris, in addition to some patch notes, eight days before his arrival.

This is important because Ubisoft rather delivered the mea culpa later Breaking pointThe release, which was so lackluster, paused three more video games for 2020 and triggered a significant reorganization of the Ubisoft Paris editorial team, which works on all Ubisoft franchises. In October Ubisoft released the “go ahead” letter which promised more immersion with a focus on survival gameplay. This has been particularly necessary since then Breaking point has been criticized as indistinct from Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, an open world third person shooter whose tactical and survival gameplay is much less rigorous.

With that letter, Ubisoft Paris kicked off a two-week community survey asking players what features and changes they wanted most, to help developers rebuild the game. At the top of the list was the addition of AI teammates that players called during the Ghost Recon franchise, most recently in 2017 Wildlands. Linked to n. 2 was a request to remove the loot at game levels and equipment score, both important traits of The Division 2. In response to this, Ubisoft Paris said that “we are working on a more engaging and radical version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint for the start of next year.”

And it was the last time anyone heard of the immersive mode. All February briefings from the community manager were maintenance announcements.

However, some players express a cherished optimism that a potentially transformative update is still on the way and that it is not simply adding a permadeath option to the main game mode. “I really hope” No Man’s Sky “,” said Tyre_fyre26, referring to No Man’s Sky Next is No Man’s Sky Beyond updates that revived that game and energized its community. “I really hope they don’t Hymn “PerpetualBeats replied, invoking the BioWare / Electronic Arts debacle which has not yet removed its Christmas decorations.

If the new mode is delayed, this could compromise other things promised along the line. March, according to the January note for gamers, is when episode 2 arrives. (Episodes are similar to seasons in other games; Breaking pointIt was first launched with the game and included a new class and the first game raid.)

If Tuesday comes and goes without a promised update, it’s not the end of the world. But if it’s the end of the week and still no news from Ubisoft Paris, whatever the studio says next may be too late.

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