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A report by Itzir Acereda – Friday, May 17, 2019 – Updated at 06: 01h

ANDThe product is the axis on which the gastronomic proposal of this restaurant revolves, which attaches great importance to the bar, looking for a dynamic formula for informal snacking. For this they have arranged a high and low area of ​​tables, betting on the concept of "good eating" in bar. They offer, therefore, a solution of Mediterranean bar with varied and tasty options to a varied customer, since there "it fits everybody", according to its responsible person.

In homage to the kitchen of the amama, in this case that of the Alava Luisa Izarra, they pay homage to a combination of ingredients with which they seek to conquer the current client with the same recipe that she once used in her house of meals of her Pobes natal.Sus specialties are stewed tail, stuffed peppers, hake, cod pilpil and vizcaina, tripe, morros … to which add Joselito Iberian. Likewise, they prepare meals or custom dinners for groups of 10-12 people maximum, with a set menu. Outside, its covered terrace allows for lunch or dinner.

Near the Guggenheim, a comprehensive reform based on light colors -white, beige, turquoise- and brick projects a cozy, bright atmosphere, in which the elm wood adds a neo-rustic charm to the space, clear and warm. And it has a large wine bar, with more than 100 references of different D.O.

From Monday to Saturday it is the perfect place to have breakfast with pintxos or pastries, which they offer in a promotional pack, and at mid-morning, at noon or mid-afternoon they always have their rations displayed at the bar. See the Russian salad, tigers, blood sausage with peppers and tomato … made following the recipes of all life, with calm and care, without artifice and quality products to give rise to authentic flavors. Also to share they have salted fish, shrimps of Motril and seafood according to season, of Mediterranean or Galician origin. And all looking for the balance between price and quality.

The bar of Luisa Izarra

Alda. Mazarredo, 20


Tel .: 946 04 06 54

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