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Where to find the best architectural recovery sites in London

Architectural recovery is a breeze, it offers household items that often combine vintage charm and sustainability points for a fraction of what you would pay to buy new ones.

But here in the capital, where space is limited and a few meters of remediation, it can be almost impossible to smell a supplier, let alone find a gem. Fortunately, we already have them all in quick selection …

For tiles, Maitland and Poate

Maitland & Poate recycled tiles

Did you think you weren’t in used tiles? Think again. The immaculate offer of Spanish ceramics on the London website Maitland & Poate is the best, apart from none. It boasts modest terracotta shapes, complex mosaics and decadently hand-painted gems, so a night in this tile paradise is inevitable. (Maitlandandpoate.com)

For doors, Dulwich remediation, SE26

Reclamation of Dulwich

Do you still fall in love with doors that don’t fit you? Check out the stocks of this South London troop and ask the fantastic carpenter Sherif to chisel the tailgate of your dreams fit. Oh, and don’t miss the concise modification of retro household items: you can pick up vintage tableware for absolute theft.

For a masterpiece, Lassco, SE1 and SW8


From hardware to naval fittings, almost everything can be found at Lassco. But if you happen to be looking for a real work of art, a surprise awaits you. Hidden between the rare Caribbean plaster ceilings and Alexander McQueen’s fire frame, you’ll find padded black marlins and marble busts galore, some of which are on sale at incredibly good prices.

For all the pig, Retrouvio, NW10


If you are passionate about making remediation an entire lifestyle, Retrouvius is your new mecca. Founded by the duo Adam Hills and Maria Speake, it has everything from knick-knacks to gigantic blown glass windows and one-of-a-kind fabrics. In addition, it offers a first-rate interior design and consultancy service that has won the store a prize or two.

For wooden floors, Turgon, SW6


Let’s not misunderstand, we love a standard regenerated oak floor. However, if you’re looking for something a little more intricate, check out Turgon. Specializing in spotless chevron, chamonix and Versailles panels, you won’t find yourself worrying about a scratch in the wrong place or looking like an East London coffee shop.


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