White House acknowledges strings attached in aid from the Trump withholding Ukraine


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump, $ 391 million in military aid was involved with Ukraine, with his request that Ukrainians look on demand – as a conspiracy guide – about the US election in 2016 , a senior presidential assistant said, Thursday, the first time the White House admitted that connection.

Trump and administrative officers denied weeks that they claimed “quid pro quo” – a Latin phrase meaning favor for favor – in order to deliver the aid of the United States, a key part of a controversy provoking an evasion inquiry in the House of Representatives against the president of the Republic.

But Mick Mulvaney, active chief of the White House, admitted in information to reporters that the U help – which has already been approved by Congress – has been partially erected on Trump concerns about the National Democratic Committee's computer server (DNC). ) alleged to be in Ukraine.

“I have news for everyone: Get over it. Foreign policy will have a political impact, ”said Mulvaney.

He later contradicted, controlling quid pro quo in a statement from the White House.

In July 25's call, Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy “favor” look into the server as well as the cyber security company based in California, CrowdStrike, who was hired by the DNC in 2016 to investigate Democratic emails made it later made Russia a decision.

Trump asked Zelenskiy to investigate a political opponent, Joe Biden, and son of Biden, Hunter Biden, who was a director of a Ukrainian energy company. Zelenskiy agreed during the call to do the investigation that Trump was looking for. US aid was later provided to Ukraine.

The issue of the DNC server that affected Ukraine and not Russia at the 2016 election was a discrete claim and a Democratic Party computer server was held somewhere in Ukraine. Information and investigation agencies decided special advocates that Russia used a hacking campaign and propaganda to boost 2016 Trump's candidacy.

Biden is a leading competitor from the Democratic nomination to address Trump at the 2020 presidential election.

Mulvaney said that Trump did not like foreign aid, he thought Ukraine was polluted and was unhappy about how little European nations had provided for Ukraine because of Russian counterparts in the eastern part of the country.

“Did it mention to me in the past, the corruption related to the DNC server? Sure. No question, ”said Mulvaney, referring to Trump. “But that's it. That's why we kept up the money. ”

“It was certainly some of the concerns about corruption in that nation that were back in 2016,” said Mulvaney, referring to Trump.

A reporter told Mulvaney that what he reported was a quid pro quo. “We always do that with foreign policy,” replied Mulvaney.

In his later statement, Mulvaney offered a different account, saying: “There was no quid pro quo there.”

“There has never been a condition regarding the aid flow associated with the content of the DNC server,” said Mulvaney.

Trump said he had a lot of confidence in Mulvaney.

Democratic members of the three house committees who were in charge of the collision inquiry announced earlier Mulvaney statements.

Representative Gerald Connolly said: “I think they have failed to discourage the facts of this case, that they have decided on a new policy, that is to admit them and basically say:‘ So So '?

“The answer to that is well that you are to be seen because of office abuse. And the extortion is a crime, the last time I checked, ”he said.


Mulvaney's comments came after a US ambassador to the European Union said in written evidence in the inquiry that Trump told US senior officials to speak directly to his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, about US policy in Ukraine, t raising concerns that the president was outsourcing American foreign policy to a private citizen.

The delegate, Gordon Sondland, told lawmakers in the Democratic-led inquiry that he had not understood “until much later” that Giuliani's work program put pressure on Ukraine to examine Biden.

The most obvious sign was that Trump's efforts to build a firewall around the White House are not successful and to disrupt the efforts of the Democratic inquiry to interview administrative officers.

More evidence is expected next week, including from a top Pentagon official who oversees a policy on Ukraine, said two sources with Reuters Thursday.

As prepared evidence, Sondland said he and two other officials – Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Ukraine's Special Envoy Kurt Volker – were disappointed in order in Trump's May, but they followed it anyway. Sondland said that he felt that foreign policy should be part of the Department of the State, not as the president's personal lawyer.

On Thursday, Trump said that by the end of the year Perry would come down as an energy secretary and he would be aware that Perry would get out of it for the month. The former Texas governor said previously he did not intend to quit. The deadline for Friday is to turn documents into the collision probe.

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney answers questions from reporters during a news briefing at the White House in Washington, U., October 17, 2019. REUTERS / Leah Millis

Sondland, Republican Trump's political donor and rich Oregon host before the president nominated him to his EU position last year, said “it would be wrong to invite a foreign government to undertake investigations for the purpose of influencing a forthcoming US election. ”

His evidence emphasized Giuliani's central role in the scandal in Ukraine. Before a Ukrainian president was called in July in July, Giuliani was working to convince Ukraine of the Bidens.

The inquiry into a determination – known as sincerity – could lead to a formal inquiry which would trigger a trial in the Seanad about the removal of Trump. The Trump is controlled by the Trump Republicans, who have little understanding of its removal.

MAY 23 meeting

Sondland said, on May 23, three days after Zelenskiy's inauguration, US officials attended the Trump and detailed key relationships in the White House.

The ambassador said that the officials who took part in the meeting stressed the strategic importance of Ukraine and the importance of relations with Zelenskiy, which he called to combat corruption reform planning.

“We asked the White House to organize a working phone call from President Trump and a work visit from the Oval Office. However, President Trump was suspicious that Ukraine was serious about reform and anti-corruption, and he ordered those who attended the meeting to speak to Mr Giuliani, his personal attorney, about his anxiety, ”He said.

“It was clear to us all that Mr Giuliani was the key to change the President's mind,” he said.

Mulvaney acknowledged during his briefings to the White House that Trump ordered officials to work with Giuliani on Ukraine, and that it cost the move as appropriate. Mulvaney denied that there was a “foreign shadow” on Ukraine led by Giuliani.

Giuliani did not immediately respond to traffic on Sondland's evidence.

Sondland is the last witness to speak to lawmakers in the inquiry into the use of his knowledge of the president's attempts to urge Ukraine to investigate Biden as investigators investigate whether Trump made any "major crimes and months". transport. ”request.

“You know that I would not recommend that Mr Giuliani or any private citizen be involved in these foreign policy matters,” said Sondland.

While he expressed dissatisfaction in his evidence of Giuliani's role, other witnesses described Sondland among three senior US officials who were considered to be more reliable than professional diplomats in pressing Ukraine launches investigations to help re-open Trump.

Trump has accused the Bidens of Ukraine-related corruption without offering evidence. The Bidens denied any wrongdoing.

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Sondland said that he had not fully understood in late May what Giuliani meant about Ukraine.

“I didn't understand, until much later, that Mr Giuliani's work program could have encouraged the Ukrainians to investigate Vice President Biden or his son or join Ukrainians, that directly or indirectly, in the 2020 re-election campaign, ”Sondland said.

Reporting by Jeff Mason and Karen Freifeld; Additional reporting by Idrees Ali, Phil Stewart, Mark Hosenball, Patricia Zengerle, Brendan Pierson, Jonathan Landay and Susan Cornwell; Writing by Will Dunham; Edited by Alistair Bell and Peter Cooney

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