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Who are “Las Brujas del Mar”, the collective behind the National Women’s Paro this March 9?

The colective “Witches of the Sea”, is a powerful voice that, through social networks generated the National Women’s Unemployment, baptized as “A Day Without Us”, convened for next March 9, one day after the International Women’s Day.

As a form of denunciation and feminist union, the Veracruz group emerged on Facebook, who are looking for the Unemployment of WomenThat is a window for society to distinguish violence and harassment that women suffer day by day.

Veracruz, in addition, is a state where the crime of femicide rebounds in the Mexican Republic.

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The “Witches of the Sea”, according to its spokeswoman Arussi Unda, they took the name of this creature because “she was persecuted, hurt and even killed”, simply because she was a woman or for performing actions that not everyone understood.

Through social networks, the Veracruz group called the National Unemployment “A Day Without Us” on February 18. Since then, it has become viral and has reached many women, who have warned in networks that will join the event.

The group itself has accused persecution and cyber attack, to the extent that they have thrown their social networks.

The strike will take place on Monday, March 9, after the march that will take place on March 8 in different cities of Mexico and the World, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Since 1911 the celebration is held. As of 1972, the United Nations General Assembly unified worldwide on March 8 to celebrate the day.

Does George Soros, conservatives or panistas finance unemployment?

Different voices have questioned the call for unemployment and have indicated that it is an attempt to destabilize the government of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)

López Obrador himself said in his morning press conferences that conservatives have used the movement to attack him, as PAN figures and opposition figures have supported the “one day without us” movement.

In this regard, 4T supporters have pointed out the billionaire George Soros as the hand behind unemployment, because the magnate has financed or at least has been told to invest in similar social movements in other countries.

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The strike and the march, why?

The strike, comparable to an “international women’s strike,” is in defense of women’s rights, for the international women’s day, which is March 8. And in response to the wave of femicides that have shaken the country in recent days, one after another.

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The march of March 8 will start from the Monument to the Revolution, will pass through the Antimonumenta of Avenida Juárez, to the capital Zócalo.

Not only violence drives the march. So do historical conditions of inequality, such as wages and opportunities.

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