Who is CopyComic, the masked avenger of humor?


Since October 2017, an anonymous surfer, calling himself Ben, publishes on his YouTube account dubbed CopyComic videos unveiling French comics, in the act of plagiarism. Flight of valves, which are victims of French, Quebec or American authors.

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Summary of the episode:

The videos of CopyComic are content to ask the question "coincidence or plagiarism"? But the answer, obvious, is hardly appreciated by the comedians pointed at, from Gad Elmaleh, to Jamel, through Tomer Sisley. The latter's wife recently claimed that two comics, Baptiste Lecaplain and Kheiron were hiding behind CopyComic, which they both denied.

Ben scrap remotely with Gad Elmaleh and his lawyer, who seek to get his identity from social networks, or the producer Kader Aoun. Despite these renowned opponents, the masked surfer is perhaps going to win his fight: which comic author would now dare to use his competitors?

This episode of the Code Source podcast is told by Sylvain Merle, journalist culture in Paris, at the microphone of Jules Lavie.

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