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The man who is at the forefront of Donald Trump’s many lawsuits against the electoral system used to be an American hero.

Now Rudy Giuliani is being made fun of. And described as dangerous. At a press conference on Thursday, dark hair dyed down the sweaty temple of Giuliani, while he made countless gross and undocumented allegations about the American election.

On social media, the debate went high about what ran down Rudy Giuliani’s cheeks during the press conferences on how Trump can win the election.

Former head of cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, called Giuliani’s speech the 95 most dangerous minutes in American history.

Krebs was recently fired by outgoing President Trump. Like a number of other leaders in the United States Security and Intelligence Service.

The day Joe Biden was named president, Giuliani held another strange press conference. In a tired parking lot between a crematorium and a porn shop, he rejected the election result and launched a frontal attack on the American electoral system. Without proof.

But who is this Rudy Giuliani? Two decades ago, he was seen as a mayor of the entire United States. As an American hero.

Was hailed after the attacks

We will return to the terrorist attacks on the United States and New York on September 11, 2001.

While President George W. Bush sought refuge in a bunker in Nevada, Rudy Guiliani was out on the dusty streets of New York.

That’s how many remember him. As mayor of the city during the attack in the autumn of 2001.

He was there just after the other plane hit the twin towers, and witnessed people jump from the burning buildings.

While the president was out of sight most of the day, Giuliani spoke to the people.

– Tomorrow New York will still be here. We will rebuild the city, and become stronger than before. I want the people of New York to be an example to the rest of the country, and the rest of the world. Terrorism cannot stop us, Giuliani said.

For many Americans, he became the confident and unifying leader needed.

BEING OUT IN THE STREETS: Rudy Giuliani inspects Ground Zero with then-Governor George Pataki and Senator Hillary Clinton, September 12, 2001.

Photo: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Giuliani was hailed for his handling of the situation and was often referred to as an American hero and “Mayor of the United States”.

In 2001, he became Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

2753 people lost their lives in the terrorist attack in New York.

THE WORST TERRORISM IN US HISTORY: 2,753 people lost their lives when terrorists flew two passenger planes into the Twin Towers in New York.

Photo: Doug Kanter / AFP

Trump refused to pay for breakfast

Today, Giuliani is known as Donald Trump’s foremost champion. One that really goes up in flames for the outgoing president.

But in New York in the 1990s, he wanted as little as possible to do with the city’s real estate mogul Donald Trump.

During the election campaign to become mayor in 1993, Giuliani ate breakfast at the Plaza Hotel, which was then owned by Trump.

Trump sat a few tables away, and Giuliani is said to have whispered the following to the adviser:

– Do not let Donald buy breakfast for us.

It tells of one of Giuliani’s former advisers to the American magazine Rolling Stone.

The relationship between Trump and Giuliani in the next few years is described as “business-based” by American media.

Trump, who was dependent on tax cuts, donated $ 3,000 to Giuliani’s first election campaign to become mayor. And Giuliani used Trump’s private plane to fly to Washington after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, writes The New York Times.

But in 2015, political ambitions brought them together.

Political ambitions

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, Giuliani experienced enormous popularity. In 2008, he wanted to take the step further to become President of the United States. The attempt flopped. John McCain became the party’s presidential candidate.

Giuliani’s campaign had spent over $ 59 million and won only one delegate, writes Rolling Stone.

The loss also affected Giuliani’s business opportunities.

When Trump ran for president in 2015, there was an opportunity for Giuliani to become politically relevant again.

John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Cindy McCain

LOST FOR MCCAIN: It was a scorching defeat in the nomination election for Giuliani.

Foto: Charles Dharapak / AP

– Would not have won without Giuliani

Giuliani became an early supporter of Trump during the election campaign. And he was one of the few who was willing to support Trump publicly, after the leak of the “Access Hollywood” video where he made the statement “grab’em by the pussy”, in the autumn of 2016.

“Trump probably would not have been president without Rudy,” said Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist Rolling Stone.

– The last four weeks everything went right for us, and everything went wrong for Hillary Clinton. One of the reasons for that was that Rudy was there, 24 hours a day, Bannon continues.

Giuliani is said to have wanted to get the job as secretary of state in the Trump administration. He did not get it.

Giuliani was hired as a digital security consultant.

– Truth is not truth

Two years later he became part of the legal team that represented Trump during the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election. Again, he was often on TV to defend the president.

Many of the performances attracted attention. Like when he was asked if the president should testify, and answered that truth is not truth, just someone’s version of the truth.

– Facts do not depend on the eyes that see, counters NBC presenter Chuck Todd.

– Yes, they do. Nowadays they do. Truth is not truth, Giuliani said.

At the heart of the Supreme Court case

After the investigation ended in 2019, Giuliani continued as Trump’s personal lawyer.

Giuliani wanted to make a counter-report to the Mueller investigation (which was never published), and worked with Ukrainian connections to find potentially harmful information about Joe Biden.

In a telephone conversation in July of the same year, Trump asked incumbent President Volodymyr Zelenskyj of Ukraine to investigate corruption allegations against Joe Biden, in exchange for US military aid.

In the end, the president was put on trial.

Ukraine relied on military aid to maintain its balance of power with Russia.

– I want you to do us a favor. Rudy knows exactly what’s going on. He’s a very good guy, Trump said.

The telephone conversation became the core of the Supreme Court case against the president. He was later acquitted in the Senate, where Republicans have a majority.

Rudy Giuliani drinks coffee with Ukrainian businessman Lev Parnas at Trump's hotel in Washington.  September 20, 2019.

UKRAINIAN RELATIONS: Rudy Giuliani drinks coffee with Ukrainian businessman Lev Parnas at Trump’s hotel in Washington. September 20, 2019.

Foto: Reuters Staff / Reuters

Shit packs and conspiracy theories

The theories Giuliani investigated in Ukraine have been refuted several times.

No evidence has been found for the corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who worked for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

Two Ukrainian businessmen, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who helped Giuliani investigate Biden in Ukraine, were later arrested for violating US campaign finance law.

Giuliani also investigated a conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine, and not Russia, that was behind the hacking of the Democrats’ e-mail server.

This was later refuted in an independent investigation put together by representatives from both parties. The committee confirmed the findings to US intelligence that Russia was behind the hacking.

In retrospect, Giuliani has made a number of controversial and conspiratorial statements, including against China in connection with the corona pandemic.

Giuliani is also a key source behind a highly controversial article in The New York Post about Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his board of directors of a Ukrainian company while his father was vice president. No other reputable media would print the case, as no other sources could be found to verify the information.

In 2019, the White House was warned that Rudy Giuliani was a target of Russian intelligence to spread misinformation to Trump, ifølge Washington Post.

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