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AOn this 19th of October, Upper Bavaria was unusually silent. Question to the President: "Mr. Hoeneß, do you have time for a discussion?" Answer: "Unfortunately not." The same question to the CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Slightly varied answer: "I have time, but I'm not talking." So say no one is not capable of learning in the attic of Säbener Straße 51. There, the German series champion returned on Saturday with a 2: 2 from Augsburg from the shortest away trip of the year home – and the bitterest, not only because of the serious injury of center-back Niklas Süle, who will fail with a cruciate ligament tear into the spring. The result of the gameplay and the continued irritation over itself for the Bayern was more shocking than some defeats.

Christian Eichler

Anyhow, it felt like one, as one heard from Serge Gnabrys complaint: "One has it" and then stand at the end "empty-handed". The Munich had yes, unlike before in 1: 2 against Hoffenheim, after all, got a point. But while the surprising home defeat could still go by as a slip, promoted by the somewhat exaggerated high spirits after the 7: 2 in the formally weak Tottenham Hotspurs, there were no more simple explanatory patterns for the point loss in Augsburg.

The Bayern 2019 are the most enigmatic of the decade. They cash in on early arrears, forfeit bosses, squander opportunities, gift inferior opponents, and fail to maintain control and concentration for ninety minutes. So, with all the good football they still manage to show time and again, they can not live up to what the so-called Bayern DNA is supposed to do, this mysterious genome for victories and titles. "Today we did not pass the character test," Gnabry said.

This crew is, it seems, even a mystery to those who have put it together. Therefore, it was probably smart for Hoellenß and Rummenigge's internal climate, such as external representation of FC Bayern, to be silent this time – unlike one year earlier, when after their liberation blowout press conference, citing article one of the Basic Law, the autumn crisis at Säbener Strasse only started right.

How do you explain this: that a team of this quality after 28 seconds still seems to be in late afternoon sleep and falls behind, then dominated the game for ninety minutes, scored two goals, missed four, five more – to finally in stoppage time dilettantisch herzuschenken. To be wide awake, coach Niko Kovac challenges his players. This season, they have not been able to do that over an entire playing time. The sleep record on Saturday in Augsburg: one minute too late woke up, one too early dozed off.

Disappointed faces also on the pitch: David Alaba (left) and Leon Goretzka after the game against Augsburg

What's up with Bayern? Their center-forward is currently the best in the world, their goalkeeper is not lacking much to be it again. But without the twelve goals of Robert Lewandowski they would now mathematically ranked number twelve in the table and without the splendid parades of Manuel Neuer even further back. So dependent on two solitaires Bayern did not seem to have been there for ages. Despite their top form they have as few points as since 2010 not and as many goals as since 2008 not. New finds the "not Bayern-like". The heavy opponents are yet to come. Half of their games denied the Bayern against the four weakest teams in the league.

When in August after the ruptured Sané transfer with Philippe Coutinho still managed a major signing, the summer narrative began, after which the Bayern appeared on the transfer market of Dortmund appeared to turn in public opinion. Super cadre, it said suddenly. But Coutinho is still struggling. In Augsburg, he missed one of the many great opportunities for the third goal with one of those gappy, unplazierte degrees, with which the Bayern made Tomas Koubek, the hitherto weakest and most controversial Bundesliga goalkeeper, after the break to the hero of the day.

In injury time Koubek then had to intervene no more, as demanded by the Bayern fans and in the final phase substitute Thomas Müller appeared in front of him free. Müller missed the goal clearly – which in return the balance fell. "We had a great start, an awesome finish – and in between a very hot goalie," said Rani Khedira a Saturday together, which made good mood in Augsburg and 65 kilometers further spoiled the Sunday.

The momentum from the Coutinho transfer seems to have evaporated. Torgefahr from the midfield has not been won by him. In general there is not much besides Lewandowski. If one takes the 6: 1 against the defenseless Mainz, Bayern had so far only four goalscorers. Nobody but Lewandowski has scored more than two goals in the league.

Worse for a coach like Kovac, who came out of the summer break confidently for the second time and is a driven by the results and expectations in October, but the defensive problem, which is now exacerbated by the failure Süles. Lucas Hernández, who was bought for 80 million euros and took over Süle's position, lost before the late equalization by Alfred Finnbogason the decisive running duel with Sergio Cordova. Therefore, the silent on Saturday Uli Hoeneß quietly and secretly be quite happy that Jérôme Boateng has not listened to him. The center-back remained, although the president recommended looking for another club. It looks as if the Bayern could still use him well.

Uli Hoeneß Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Robert Lewandowski Niko Kovac Niklas Süle Manuel Neuer Serge Gnabry


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