Who is Tata Martino’s favorite player in El Tri?

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The coach of the Mexican team, Gerardo martino, he’s partying, not just because he’s finished undefeated 2020, but This November 20 turns 58 and he is very close to adding two years at the helm of the national team.

In this period has demarcated who is his favorite player, though the scales tip over Carlos Rodriguez de Rayados, when it comes to matches and calls, there is one that is never missing and is the one with the most games.

Is about Jesus gallardo, Charly’s partner in the Gang. The Tabasco es the footballer who has played the most games in the Tata era with 17, tied with Uriel Antuna. But also He is the one who adds the most minutes with a thousand 467, according to Goals and Figures data.

As for more games, after Gallardo and Antuna, there is Charly with 16; follow him Roberto Alvarado Y Raul Jimenez with 15 and Edson alvarez Y Rodolfo Pizarro with 14.

In the matter of minutes, there are seven players who exceed a thousand minutes, including Gallardo. In second is Jimenez with a thousand 209; Edson alvarez with one thousand 126; Antuna with a thousand 124; Carlos Salcedo with one thousand 83; Charly with a thousand 45 and Luis Rodriguez with a thousand 42.

Why Jesús Gallardo?

The theme of Jesus gallardo It might come as a surprise to not be as medical a player as Jiménez, Pizarro or Antuna, but it can easily be justified in his position, there are practically no left-backs who are left-handed in Mexico, plus he can also play as a midfielder and winger.

Even sees him ready to play in Europe: “Some of them are armed, they are fit to leave. Gallardo is one of them, César, Carlitos,” he told El Universal a few weeks ago.


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