Who is the richest Czech after Petr Kellner’s death? A native of Moravia!

The richest Czech, Petr Kellner, died in a tragic accident over the weekend. The estimated property of the entrepreneur was estimated at around 300 billion crowns, but if it is distributed within the inheritance proceedings, Radovan Vítek, a native of Nové Město na Moravě, will become the most wealthy citizen.

Petr Kellner was able to build an incredible empire during his business career. Its investment group PPF Group includes, for example, Home Credit, PPF banka, Air Bank, Benxy with the Zonky brand (banking), Cetin, O2 (telecommunications), PPF Real Estate Holding (reality), Sotio (biotechnology), Škoda Transportation (transport engineering) , PPF Life Insurance (insurance), Polymetal International (gold and silver mining), RAV Agro (agriculture), PPF Art (cultural and arts activities) or Bestsport (owner of the O2 arena in Prague). The group also includes the CzechToll company, a toll operator in the Czech Republic.

Petr Kellner was the majority owner of PPF Group, NV until his death and, according to the company’s annual report for 2019, controlled 98.93 percent. The group employs 98,000 people worldwide; in the Czech Republic alone, PPF had around 14,000 employees at the end of last June.

Huge property will now go to the heirs, but if it is divided into fifths between the children and the wife, Radovan Vítek will become the richest Czech.

Radovan Vítek aspires to become the richest citizen of the Czech Republic

“His mother still has a house in Žďárská Street. Right by the stream. And he built a very nice, large guest house in Blatiny,” the mayor of the New Town, Michal Šmarda, told Žďárská deník about Radovan Vítek.

Vítek boasts a fortune of eighty-six billion crowns, and if Petr Kellner’s property is divided, he will become the richest Czech.

“If Kellner’s estate were now settled without an inheritance contract or will, he would be divided equally between the five persons: the entrepreneur’s four children and his wife. If the figures in Forbes for 2020 were published, each of the heirs would fall less than fifty-nine billion crowns, “confirmed the information economist Lukáš Kovanda.

Prime Minister Babiš is not missing from the table of the five richest Czechs

If the property is really divided between his children and his wife after the deceased billionaire, Kellner’s heirs will occupy the fifth place in the ranking of the richest Czechs.

The first place would be the mentioned businessman Radovan Vítek, then Daniel Křetínský with seventy-eight billion crowns of property, followed by Andrej Babiš and Karel Komárek.

However, it is not yet clear how Petr Kellner divided his vast empire. It is common for such movable persons to have all the documents ready, just in case of sudden death. However, it is possible that within the foundation, the richest Czech could, in addition to his family, also transfer part of the property to close co-workers or for charitable purposes.

Kellner’s sudden death shocked the world.

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