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WHO Monitors COVID-19 Cases in China, Getting Terrified?


The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently closely monitoring the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases in China. This is thought to be the result of the outbreak of the BA.2 sub variant or Son of Omicron.

The director of the WHO’s immunization and vaccine programme, Dr Kate O’Brien, revealed that the organization has also been in touch with Chinese public health authorities to find out about COVID-19 developments, including the effectiveness of lockdowns and vaccines.

“We will continue to follow the situation as it continues to emerge and as they respond to the situation so we can understand the nature of the case, the underlying vaccination status and other components there,” O’Brien said at a news conference, from the organization’s headquarters in Geneva. CNBC International, Tuesday (12/4/2022).

Although the number of cases is lower than some countries, China reported 1,184 symptomatic cases and 26,411 asymptomatic cases on Sunday (10/4). This figure is one of the highest recorded cases experienced by China.

Because of this, a number of Chinese regions have implemented restrictions or lockdowns for about a week as an effort to recover the country from the pandemic wave.

On the other hand, the Chair of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group on Immunization, Dr Alejandro Cravioto, said it was important to see if such a lockdown would be effective. This includes the COVID-19 vaccine used by China to contain the latest outbreak of Son of Omicron or the BA.2 sub variant.

“Until we actually see the data coming out, we won’t be able to provide further comment,” Cravioto said.

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