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Who must separate garbage by color code from January 2021? – Environment – Life

As of January 1, the new color code for the separation of solid waste will take effect, a strategy led by the Ministry of the Environment that seeks to simplify the recycling process.

This new modality implies the use of three colors for garbage bags or containers: White for plastic, cardboard, glass, paper and metals; verde for organic waste such as food scraps and agricultural waste, and negro for non-usable waste such as toilet paper, napkins, papers and cardboard contaminated with food and metallic papers.

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However, although the idea is to achieve the unification of this color code at the national level, at the moment the measure cannot be applied in all the territories of the country, and Everything will depend on whether a waste management project is underway in the respective municipality.

And it is that all the municipalities of the country, by regulation, have a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (Pgirs). But not all have started it.

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According to the Ministry of Environment, “the separation at the source in the three colors will be done in the municipalities where there are exploitation projects running.”

This means that only the municipalities that have their waste management project in operation should start operating with the three colors. In the case of regions that are not using this project, garbage will continue to be deposited in black bags or containers.

How can I know whether or not I should classify my waste in the three colors?

In any case, the areas of the country that implement the color code must carry out a pedagogy campaign to inform the residents of the new mechanism garbage collection.

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Likewise, all municipal administrations will disseminate through their communication channels whether or not they should use the green bag.

What if I don’t use those kinds of colors to separate the waste?

If the municipality or district has implemented a program for the use of solid waste, Failure to use the established colors affects the recovery of usable waste.

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Therefore, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 94 of Law 1801 of 2016, whoever does not separate solid waste at the source or selectively deposit it in a place designated for that purpose. you will be imposed a general fine type 3, which is equivalent to sixteen (16) current legal minimum daily wages (smdlv).


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