Who put the like there? The Vatican denied that the pope would evaluate the photo of the model

A week ago, the company that manages the account of the Brazilian model drew attention to the alleged “pope”. “We have received an official blessing from the pope,” she wrote. Natalia Garibottová is followed by 2.4 million users on Instagram.

This photo of the model caused a stir. She received a “like” from the pope’s account.

On Saturday, however, the pope’s official account withdrew his “likes”. In addition to Instagram, the pope also has an official Twitter account, where users follow almost 19 million other accounts.

“But the pope is not Donald Trump, he doesn’t sit on the phone or computer all day to post on Twitter,” said Robert Mickens, a Roman correspondent for the French Catholic daily La Croix.

The head of the Catholic Church is taken care of by a team of administrators. According to Mickens, the pope usually comments on contributions previously made by his collaborators. “Only in very rare cases will he say that he would like to post something on Twitter,” says Mickens.

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