Who was eliminated in the fourth episode “island of the heroes”

Against the leading YouTube show, Comment Out the participants made unanimously.

Tair Mamedov. A still from the reality show “the Island of heroes.” Channel TNT

In the project “Island of heroes”, there are six participants. On the fourth day they were finally able to get their own food – caught cormorants. For the first time and secured a dinner of something other than coconuts for dinner. They use a net which they had given 20 gems.

A still from the reality show
A still from the reality show “the Island of heroes.” Channel TNT

The test of the fourth day is to feel the taste of victory, as a joke leading Tair Mamedov. The remaining six were divided into three teams. In each of them who was a Manager, and someone – earner. The first bound feet, the second – eye. Manager on tips partner need to get through the obstacles to the table, where stood a basket with seafood. And mouth need to grab something from the dish and return to the Manager.

Was successful everything. But the weigh-in determined the absolute leader – a few Iskandarova Eugene and Nikita Atikin. They had almost twice as many pieces of marine reptiles than rivals. And of the outsiders of the project, they became leaders on the evening the vote to speak out against them is forbidden. Candidates on the flight, thus became the favourites of the project – Sergey Kosenko, Nelly Yermolayeva, Tamara Turawa and Vladimir Marconi.

Nelly Ermolaeva
Nelly Ermolaeva. A still from the reality show “the Island of heroes.” Channel TNT

Flour of choice experienced by many during the day. Yermolayev tried to get some of the islanders against Marconi. But as such, the conspiracy did not happen. They all decided that the host of the YouTube show the Comment Out.

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“I have never thought that in such a fragmented team can be such a unanimous opinion,” — admitted later Mammadov.

“Even the coffee gave a sniff. Tired a little bit. Let them go catch my breath” thought Tamara.

“He jokes funnier to me. And I can’t take this wildest competition,” referring to Marconi, Jack wrote the name “Vova”.

“I vote against Volodya. He’s hiding something. He’s a little sketchy,” explained Nikita.

After Marconi left the band, leading concluded the fourth day on the island: “the game in 2 days and 5 people. This means that it’s time to play harder. Tomorrow will begin”, — intrigued Mammadov.


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