who will pay the 2 euros more?

Doctor consultation: who will pay the extra 2 euros?

Since May 1st, the price of the medical consultation goes from 23 to 25 euros. What change for you? Who pays the difference? Point.

[Mis à jour le 2 mai 2017 à 09h40] Going to your doctor now costs you more. Since 1st May, the price of the consultation with a general practitioner went from 23 to 25 euros for an adult and from 28 to 30 euros for a visit to the pediatrician or the general practitioner, for a child under 6 years of age. A revaluation which was planned since summer 2016 and the adoption of the new tariff agreement between the Health insurance and the liberal doctors. However, a number of medical unions opposed it. Other tariff increases are also provided for in the said agreement. Consultations with a psychiatrist, a neuropsychiatrist or a neurologist will also increase from 2 euros to 1st July 2017. Next November, the visits to the cardiologist will in turn be increased by 2 euros. These basic rates had never been changed since 2011.

However, this revaluation should not affect you. If, like almost 95% of French people, you are covered by complementary health insurance, then only the flat-rate contribution of 1 euro will remain at your expense. (this is already the case today, for patients over 18 years old). The share covered by Social Security remains unchanged, namely 70% of the remaining 24 euros. Your supplement reimburses 30% of the amount of the consultation. Thus, for a consultation of 25 euros, Social Security takes 16.80 euros at its expense (70% x 24 euros whereas before it supported 70% x 22 euros) and your complementary 7.20 euros (30% x 24 euros). So you still only have one euro to pay out of your pocket. The generalization of third-party payment In the meantime, you must always pay the healthcare professional during your visit and wait for reimbursements from your health insurance and Social Security. Unless your doctor already applies third-party payment for you …

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