Whoops! An underwater photographer surprises 2 sharks mating | Photos


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While many people do not doubt that all species of sharks are ruthless and bloody marine predators, few know that, like other living things, they are capable of experiencing tender feelings. The following images amply prove this claim.

The photos show in detail how two white tip reef sharks they usually make love. In them, the fish appear intertwined with each other while the male bites the female and inserts the pterygopodia – male reproductive organs – into the cloaca – female sexual organ. He uses the ritual of biting his mate to immobilize the female during the mating process. This habit is common in several species of sharks.

“It is very rare to witness and photograph this behavior of sharks and I only know a few who have witnessed it”, asserted to the British tabloid Ron Watkins, who was lucky enough to get these images in the Pacific.


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