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Why AvtoVAZ should start mass production of the VAZ-21109 Consul

An unfulfilled project can take a second wind.

A few years ago, Russian engineers created the new Aurus brand, which boasted the Aurus Senat limo, which has become luxurious and beautiful, but the high price tag will scare away buyers. But in fact, the development of such an extended sedan was the mistake of Russian designers – it is better to launch several AvtoVAZ limousine projects in a series, which almost no one knows about.

One of these cars can be called the VAZ-21109 “Consul”, which was produced from 1996 to 2007 in small batches. However, AvtoVAZ should start mass production of Consul, since this car would have gained wide popularity among Russians, not only due to the affordable price, but also due to premium luxury.

In fact, the VAZ-21109 “Consul” is a limousine based on the architecture of the legendary VAZ-2110, but with increased dimensions – the length of the car was 4965 mm, and the wheelbase was extended by 650 mm. This allowed to expand the space in the cabin to increase the comfort of passengers.

In addition, the “Consul” was endowed with a special glass partition in the cabin that separates the rear passengers from the driver, as is usual in any limousine. Also the interior boasts luxury – The leather braid of the steering wheel and transmission selector catches your eye, and the seats are also lined with leather.

On the glass partition in the cabin of the Russian limousine is the center console with an integrated refrigerator, TV and air conditioning. Even the “Consul” got a power steering, which is not in any “VAZ” cars.

Thus, the appearance of the mass version of the VAZ-21109 would push the Aurus Senat and Mercedes-Benz limos into the background. This is explained by Russians need consumer limousines, and the “Consul” just falls into this category.


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