Why did the Pope “like” a photo of a scantily clad model on Instagram?

Natalia Garibotto is popular in Brazil as a gamer on Twitch, a platform where video games are streamed directly. Her Instagram account has about 2.4 million followers. She is also a fashion model, and she likes to post those photos on her social media. A specific “like” of a photo raised eyebrows last week.

From the official Instagram account of Pope Francis, the “like” heart was clicked on a photo of Garibotto, dressed in a not too obscure school uniform. It is not clear when exactly the “like” was given. Last Friday it was certainly noticed by some local news media. A day later the heart was gone.

Coy & Co, the management agency that runs Garibotto, saw plenty of publicity in it and posted on its Instagram the message that “the company has received the official blessing of the Pope!”

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