Why do you all say about him a sheep.. Watch Dr. Yomi raise controversy by talking about blogger Yasser Al-Faisal

Tweeters on the social networking site “Twitter” circulated a video clip of the Lebanese fascist Youmna Khoury, known as “Doctor Yomi”, in which she talks about her relationship with blogger Yasser Al-Faisal. And she said in the circulating clip: “I have known Yasser for five years, but suddenly Ali turned, out of his love for me because he was jealous of me, but I was in Saudi Arabia, and he turned on me.”

And she added, “I don’t have a personal problem with him. I love him a lot and make me laugh, but he sure wants to criticize me like he criticizes other celebrities because this is his job.” And she continued in another video: “Why do you all say that he is a sheep? Not a sheep.. One has feelings for one. I made it a sheep. The boy loved me. The clip sparked controversy on Twitter, as a result of her talk about “Al-Faisal”, some of whom considered that she was attacking him indirectly because of his constant criticism of her, while another group saw that she was flirting with him.

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