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KOMPAS.com – Hair is a part of the human body that has an important role in maintaining body temperature. But have you ever thought, why eyelashes never grow as long as the hair on your head?

This has led some to think that eyelashes never grow once and are the same length from birth to death.

Launch Science ABC, Monday (30/8/2021) the assumption that eyelashes never grow at all is wrong.

In fact, hair in these areas continues to grow even though it doesn’t grow as fast as hair on the scalp.

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The cause of eyelash hair does not grow along the hair of the head is due to the difference in the anagen phase that is passed.

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On the scalp, the anagen phase is passed from 2 to 7 years, depending on various genetic factors.

Meanwhile, eyelash and eyebrow hair will go through that phase in only about 30 days.

If an eyelash falls out during this period, it will not grow back and be replaced with a new one.

Therefore, the eyelash hair does not get much time to grow and become as long as the hair on the head.

So, what is the anagen phase?

The anagen phase is one of the stages in hair production. In this discussion, it is important to understand how the 3 stages in hair production work.

These stages are the anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase.

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In the anagen phase or the active growth phase of the hair follicle, the hair roots divide rapidly. The length of the strands will grow at a rate of about 1 centimeter every 28 days.

Anagen is the most important step in hair growth. Towards the end of this phase, the hair follicle will automatically enter the next stage.

Next, the second phase is the catagen phase, a transitional stage that marks the end of hair growth. This phase is caused by the interruption of the blood supply to the hair strands and lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

Therefore, this phase can turn the hair into club hair or hair that has stopped growing. Even if they have been cut off from their blood supply, they will remain in place until they come out or are cut off.

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The last phase is the telogen phase. In this phase, the hair will rest and is marked as the end of all hair production activities.

Hair will begin to fall out and occur in every hair strand on the body. This hair loss is normal because it means that the hair has completed its growth phase and will be replaced with a new one.

Why Don’t Eyebrows And Eyelashes Grow As Long As Head Hair?


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