Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Why Hailey Baldwin Was Still The Only, Not Selena Gomez – Hollywood Life

Justin Bieber and new fiancée Hailey Baldwin have always been close over the years but have never found the right time to really engage with each other until now. Find out how it works and why it's good for him here.

Justin Bieber 24 years old, and ex Selena Gomez age 26, was one of Hollywood's most loved, but now that he's engaged to Hailey Baldwin 21 years old, it seems that the singer of Let Me Love You is happier than ever and he has a very good reason to be. It seems that even though the romantic pair has been close for a while over the years, there has always been something that prevents them from getting serious about it, but now they're both at a time of their life where the timing can not be more perfect. "It was not the right time for Justin and Hailey to become really serious before, they were both too young, and as Justin said in his interviews, he was always very much aware of not definitely mess things up with Hailey, "near Justin EXCLUSIVELY said HollywoodLife . "Justin always had this intuition that Hailey was going to be the one he would marry, so he wanted to play with other girls in his system before he finally settled in. He takes the marriage very seriously. , and plans to do it only once.He is ready for a serious commitment now, while he was too immature before. "

Immaturity may have been a factor in instability of his past relationships, including that with Selena. Although they seemed very young and in love (and even took another shot at a romance earlier this year), the singers have lived through many things since the innocent days of their first encounter and as with no one. No matter what kind of experience, there is wisdom. Perhaps they realized that they had learned the lessons they needed to learn from each other and were not supposed to be together anymore. Whatever the case, it seems that Justin is right where he needs to be now and loves each second.

"Justin now feels able to give himself entirely to Hailey," the source said. "He is no longer holding back as he has done before, and he has no desire to play silly games or engage in a little drama now." Justin grew up a lot. 39. Last year He is far from being as selfish as before He is finally ready to share his life with another person on an equal footing, and he knows, without any reserve, that this person is Hailey. "

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