February 14, 2020

Newsy Today


Why HyperloopTT uses Facebook Workplace for staff communication

A dispersed workforce mainly employed on a part-time basis presents Hyperloop Transport Technologies with extraordinary challenges as it seeks to transform mass transport with a “crowd-driven” organizational model.

One of the biggest challenges is to ensure that all the company's 800-plus staff can cooperate effectively with the design and launch of hyperbolic technology.

“When we started out, we worked with different tools – some of the teams used Slack, some others used Google Docs – and everyone let them enjoy what they liked most,” said Dirk Ahlborn. , founder of HyperloopTT. “Now, for a number of years, we have consolidated everything and moved into the Workplace.”

The company, created in 2013, continues to use Google Docs in conjunction with the Workplace. But Slack is not a key tool for further collaboration and communication.

One of the main reasons for choosing a workplace is that it offers capabilities of instant, social and file sharing communications. This combination helped to strengthen the sense of community among workers and enabled staff to work together more effectively, Ahlborn said.