Why is iOS not getting the LoL Wild Rift beta test in Indonesia?

Why don’t iOS devices get the LoL Wild Rift Beta Test in Indonesia?

As we previously knew, LoL Wild Rift is currently opening a big scale beta test them in Indonesia.

Which means that all gamers in Indonesia can play beta test LoL Wild Rift this for a certain amount of time or until the beta test ends.

But you need to remember that beta test LoL Wild Rift This is just for users android only who first pre-register in the playstore.

Meanwhile, iOS users themselves cannot play LoL Wild Rift for a while because there is no pre-registration feature in the app store.

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In addition, Riot Games itself has not provided full access to Apple iPhone users until now.

But seeing the great enthusiasm of gamers in Indonesia who are waiting for their presence LoL Wild Rift this. Most likely Riot Games will soon give iPhone users access.

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Apart from that, the LoL Wild Rift itself is planned to be officially released by Riot Games at the end of 2020 as they promised for a long time. So iPhone users here need to be patient longer than Android users.

And this beta test is only intended to test their games on various things so that when the time comes, LoL Wild Rift can be released perfectly without the slightest problem.

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