Why it is important not to move by car to avoid spreading the coronavirus




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Since the state of alarm was decreed, we have seen how health institutions and specialists insist on the need to avoid traveling by car. Little by little society is becoming aware of the gravity generated by the coronavirus crisis, and is largely avoiding going outside, both on foot and by car.

The objective is to try to stop the spread of the pandemic and, above all, its affection on the most vulnerable group, that of the elderly or with chronic diseases, whom we could infect with our displacements. Hence the need to restrict them as much as possible and avoid leaving the house or using the car unless it is really necessary.

Julio Mayol, medical director of the Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid, uses an easy to understand simile: Fires only stop with firewalls and, in an epidemic of this type, be away from people it is the only formula to avoid transmission of a virus that is easily spread. “We are all potentially transmitters. The chain of transmission must be broken.

The alarm state limits the uses we can make of the vehicle, and, in addition to taking into account that by making an improper use we are harming the rest of the Spaniards who do remain confined, the authorities contemplate a series of important sanctions if we fail to comply with the decree. The most important thing is that we all apply common sense, and not use the car or leave the house if it is not strictly necessary.

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National Police and Civil Guard, with the support of the regional and local police forces, will intensify their presence and increase the control points located at the entrance and exit entrances to cities and on Spanish roads throughout the weekend to prevent undue displacement that violates the mobility limitations imposed with alarm status.

For this reason, both the Traffic Group and the rest of the Civil Guard Units plan to carry out approximately 10,000 controls to avoid any type of undue displacement. “We hope not to reach the figures of the previous weekend, in which almost 4,000 complaints were formalized», Details the deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner, José Ángel González, during his daily intervention of parts.

Despite the multiple warnings of the last two weeks since the government decreed the state of alarm, and the thousands of sanctions that have been put in place, the picaresque of the people remains the biggest problem. Only yesterday, Thursday, eighty people were arrested for not complying with the confinement conditions foreseen in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, agents from both bodies made a total of 11,070 minutes with proposals for sanctions for different violations of Royal Decree 463/2020.

These figures are in addition to the previous ones registered, making a total of 620 detainees (an increase of 11.3%) and 53,030 sanctions filed as far as confinement is concerned.

“As you know, the vast majority of society is aware of the situation we live in, but we have found certain areas and neighborhoods in different cities whose residents have been systematically breaching the instructions for confinement,” adds José Ángel González. “The National Police spoke to all these groups and asked for the collaboration of the social leaders, in order to curb these repeated irresponsible attitudes, obtaining a high degree of commitment on their part and achieving the cease that uncivic attitude that certain people maintained, “he concludes.

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