Why Neymar, Mbappé and Cavani will not play against Real Madrid?


Real Madrid will start the current edition of the Champions traveling nothing more and nothing less than to Paris to mediate the PSG. The Zidane boys will try to start the competition in the best way after the blow that last season was the elimination against Ajax, after coming to win the last three Champions. However, despite the difficulty of this confrontation, Real Madrid will not measure the fearsome trident of the PSG. Neither Neymar nor Cavani nor Mbappé will be available, and these are the reasons.

Two injuries and one penalty

Neymar returned last weekend to play with the PSG after an injury that has had him apart since last season and after a very mountainous summer, where his future seemed to be far from Paris at times. He received the boos of his own fans during the ninety minutes, but a Chilean in the last breath was worth the victory. Against Real Madrid, however, it will not be for a penalty that drags the duel against Manchester United last April.

Today it has been known that the Court of Sports Arbitration (TAS) has partially estimated the appeal of PSG and Neymar and has reduced the number of sanction matches that UEFA imposed on the player for insulting a referee by three to two. Neymar was injured in that game, but he criticized the arbitration body through social networks. And it is for this reason that Neymar will miss the premiere of his own in the Champions League.

Nor will Cavani, spearhead of the team. The Uruguayan appeared in all pools to appear on the team last week, as it seemed that he had managed to shorten the terms of his injury, something that has not finally happened. The Uruguayan was injured against Toulouse at the end of August, and although in France it was speculated that he could even reappear last weekend, it was not so.

Finally, Mbappé. The Frenchman, like Cavani, was injured at the end of August, also against Toulouse. The estimated withdrawal time was one month. Although last week the PSG shared on its social networks some images of Mbappé touching the ball, like Cavani, it has also failed to shorten deadlines and be available against Real Madrid. With this withdrawal, the PSG will not be able to have any member of its attack trident.

The alternative trident
Contrary to what could happen in the rest of the teams in the world, the losses of its three best players do not leave the PSG in the picture. Thus, Tuchel could bet on a front formed by Di María, Sarabia and Icardi, a trident for which many European clubs would sigh. The Argentine has already shown that the "untouchables" can take their place at some point during the season. The Spaniard, meanwhile, has managed to adapt quickly to his new team and hopes to win a gap with minutes. Finally, Icardi was one of the most coveted strikers on the continent. Now he has the opportunity to show all his talent at PSG, after doing so at Inter. . (tagsToTranslate) front


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