Why pollen, nuts and Co. raise the alarm

Baierbrunn (ots) – neurodermatitis, hay fever, asthma, contact eczema or food allergies: According to the Robert Koch Institute, more than 20 percent of children and more than 30 percent of adults eventually develop at least one allergic disease. An allergy is basically a fatal mistake by the immune system, which was “sensitized” after the first contact with an allergen. From then on, it reacts to harmless substances. “Usually these are certain proteins. For example, from pollen, nuts or the droppings of house dust mites, ”explains the pharmacy magazine“ Baby und Familie ”Dr. Michael Gerstlauer, Chairman of the Pediatric Allergology and Pneumology South Working Group. “The body then interprets this foreign protein as a danger and tries to defend itself against it.”

The amount of the allergen doesn’t matter

The consequences range from slight reddening of the skin to collapse. The amount of the allergen is irrelevant. Just a few protein molecules “flip the switch”, as Professor Erika von Mutius explains, the head of the asthma and allergy clinic at the children’s clinic in the Dr. from Haunersche Children’s Hospital in Munich. “It’s just about the immune system noticing the allergen, and zack, it starts.”

There is only speculation as to why the immune system in allergy sufferers is going crazy at all. “At the moment, we assume that the body just got to know new, foreign proteins at the wrong time,” says Gerstlauer.

The new “Baby and Family” cover story clearly explains how an allergy arises, what parents of affected children and how allergies can be diagnosed.

This report is only free for publication if the source is mentioned. The pharmacy magazine “Baby and Family” 3/2020 is currently available in most pharmacies. There are many more interesting health news at www.baby-und-familie.de.


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