Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Why that? “Let’s Dance” is now 45 minutes shorter

Cologne –

For some fans, there probably will be every night “Let’s Dance” and then preferably 10 hours throughout.

But the next shows are getting shorter now.

That means: Instead of midnight, the dance show is over at 23.15 clock again. So then almost four hours of airtime, suddenly only three.

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Why is there less “Let’s Dance” broadcast time?

But why the whole? There is a simple reason: “This is an old hat and has been broadcast for years … Less candidates, fewer dances, less airtime,” said a RTL spokeswoman.

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So dance fans do not have to do without anything. And that’s not all. After “Let’s Dance”, the dance fever continues.

Because as in the last year will be Frauke Ludowig (read more about the RTL presenter here) to report live from the dance floor with an “Exclusive Special”.

So the shortened airtime should be well bridged …

First season in 2006

“Let’s Dance” has been airing on RTL every year since 2006, moderated by Hape Kerkeling and Nazan Eckes. The moderation took over from the third or fourth season Daniel Hartwich and Sylvie Meis, then van der Vaart.

Joachim Llambi is the only jury member since the first episode. Motsi Mabuse is since the fourth, Jorge Gonzalez since the sixth season juror. Figure skating princess Katarina Witt, fashion designer Harald Glööckler or singer Maite Kelly have already rated the dance couples.

Sophia Thomalla also won the show

The first season in 2006 won actor Wayne Carpendale on the side of Isabel Edvardsson. He was followed in the years also actress Sophia Thomalla, DSDS winner Alexander Klaws and ex-footballer Hans Sarpei as the winner. In 2017, Gil Ofarim won.

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