Why the new Geely Coolray is better than the Patriot for the same 1.5 million rubles – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“Club Service” has completely disassembled the Chinese crossover of the Belarusian assembly Geely Coolray in the top-end configuration, which costs a little more than 1.5 million rubles. The car, in the subjective opinion of the blogger, turned out to be really good. At least better than new UAZ “Patriot” for the same amount.

In order to establish the truth, Coolray was indeed completely disassembled. There is no anti-corrosion treatment of the underbody – it is only on the “container” for the spare wheel, but it is applied carelessly. All welded points and seams are made accurately, the sealant, moreover, in a very thick layer, is applied where necessary. The gas tank is made of plastic. Let us remind you that even the Patriot has it not made of metal.

The build quality of Coolray can be compared to Korean cars. There is no rust on the body, joints, cavities, in contrast to the same “Patriot”, which just came off the assembly line.

Of course, Geely saved money, but this economy can be called reasonable: the noise insulation of the body panels and the floor is rather mediocre, but the rear wheel arches are trimmed with felt. If you install “Shumka”, then with a lack of experience there is a risk of breaking the fastening of the inserts and plugs of the door panels.

Of all that Geely Coolray has from Volvo, according to the Club Service, there is an adapted “turbo-engine” with a capacity of 150 hp, which, if desired, can be “chipped” up to 200 “horses.” The engine is paired with a 7-speed robotic transmission with two clutches in a wet bath.

After revisions in terms of vibration and noise isolation, Geely Coolray will be sold to a subscriber.

Photo: screenshot from youtube.com


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