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Why the Swiss pine is currently celebrating its revival

I.n these seditious times, as winter holidays are canceled, one particularly longs for the vastness of the Alps. Instead of trudging through snow-covered mountain forests or pounding down the slopes, you are crammed into the four walls of your home with the entire mixing epoch and encounter the world with increasing irritation. A means to alleviate the bearing collision is urgently needed: Alpine relaxation promises accessories made from the wood of Swiss stone pine or Swiss stone pine, the scent of which is said to have a calming effect.

Johanna Kuroczik

Johanna Kuroczik

Editor in the “Science” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Anyone who has hiked in the Alps will have noticed the evergreen Swiss pine, which is around 20 meters high. The long needles sprout in groups of five. The windswept branches testify to how tough the so-called Queen of the Alps is: Pinus cembra can still be found at an altitude of 2800 meters, the trees defy forty degrees below zero, are quite fire-resistant and can live up to a thousand years. The Swiss stone pine is a late bloomer, it only reaches manhood at the age of at least fifty years. For reproduction, it relies on the forgetfulness of the jay. This brown raven bird prefers to bury pine nuts as a winter supply. Of its incredible 10,000 hiding places, this prepper finds around eighty percent.

For centuries, bedroom furniture or guest rooms made of Swiss stone pine have been made in the Alps. Perhaps a reason why the red-brown wood with the striking grain was considered to be out of date in the 1990s at the latest. A study on the health-promoting effects of the aromatic tree was supposed to polish up the image: at the beginning of the millennium, the biologist and medical doctor Maximilian Moser from the Joanneum Research Research Society commissioned the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture to sleep around thirty test persons in beds made of wood decor or pine.

From the farmhouse parlor to the design studio

The nights in the pine bed were more relaxing. In addition, the study participants trained on a stepper in a room made of stone pine from the wall paneling to the side table, and in fact the heart rate was lower than that of exercise in the test room lined with imitation wood. Moser was so enthusiastic about this that he wrote a book on the “Power of the Swiss Pine”. The essential oils contain terpenes, like the alpha-pinene, which lowered blood pressure in Japanese studies and intensified deep sleep in animal experiments. The typical smell is due to the substance Pinosylvin, which protects the tree from fungal attack.

The Swiss stone pine has achieved its revival: relaxation products such as pillows filled with shavings or wooden balls are sold on the Internet and in boutiques. You place it like a lid on a water carafe, and after a short time you can enjoy the unique aroma of the Swiss stone pine. After half an hour the water smells spicy, a bit of lemon and forest, with a hint of sauna. But the palate does not hold what the nose promises: the water tastes of wood and a bit stale, as the sustainable consumer already knows from wooden cutlery and bamboo toothbrushes. A relaxing effect does not want to set in; you may have to line your living room extensively with stone pine, as described in the study. After all, the hardware stores are still open.


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