Why Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is worse than its predecessor

The “Dvuhsotka” has its own “Achilles’ heel”.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Toyota

It is not for nothing that the Toyota Land Cruiser is legendary as one of the most reliable and high-quality cars in the world. After all, “Kruzaks” are ideal cars both for driving in the city and for going off-road. However, the modern “Dvuhsotka” loses to its predecessor – it’s all about the diesel engine. The publication Pokatim.ru tells in more detail.

In 2007, when the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was released, cars, and especially its diesel version, were in great demand due to their economy. However, 2-3 years later, prices for the 100th Kruzak jumped sharply on the “secondary housing”. Let’s think why.

It turned out that the “Dvuhsotka” is much inferior to the “Sotka” precisely because of the diesel engine – huge problems are possible with it. The design of the 1VD-FTV engine installed under the hood of the TLC 200 was more complex than that of its predecessor. The new V8 produced 235 “horses” and 615 Nm before restyling in 2015 and 249 hp. from. and 650 Nm – after.

Unlike the “Sotka” engine, the “Two Hundredth” turbine could not boast of durability. There were cases that the pump began to leak even at small runs. After restyling, the motor had an “Achilles heel” – piezoelectric injectors. Yes, they are faster than electromagnetic and provide more power and economy, but there is one problem.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100, source: Toyota
Toyota Land Cruiser 100, source: Toyota

If earlier the worst thing that could happen to injectors was their failure, then with new ones everything is much more serious. Sometimes they started to flow straight into the combustion chamber. The result is piston burnout. It is better not to name the repair price.

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In the pre-styling Toyota Land Cruiser 200, such problems were not observed, but there was something worse. The piston rings and grooves on the new diesel are thinner and the drain holes are smaller. Plus to everything – the EGR valve hated by everyone. All this led to the occurrence of rings and the formation of scoring in the engine cylinders.

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As you can see, Toyota cheated, which led to the current situation on the market: there are a bunch of 200 SUVs on sale with a diesel engine of the first years of production with a mileage of about 200,000 km, and they cost almost the same as the 100s, which in times less. Coincidence? We don’t think so.


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