Why US presidential candidates consider some states more important than others

In which swing states will the presidential election campaign be decided this year? To determine which states themselves are important to candidates, look at where they spend their time and money. Where do they go on a campaign visit? And where do they spend a lot of money on advertising?

Six states most important

The non-profit organization Fairvote keeps track of where candidates have visited since the beginning of August. The list shows that Trump and Biden campaign intensively, especially in Pennsylvania (20 visits), Florida (16) and North Carolina (11). Minor swing states like New Hampshire and Iowa, each had only two visits.

The importance of Florida and Pennsylvania can also be seen in the amount of money candidates spend on TV campaigns. In Florida alone, Biden and Trump each spent more than $ 80 million, figured the American public broadcaster NPR. In Pennsylvania it was about $ 74 million for Biden and $ 50 million for Trump.

But there are more states to keep an eye on when you consider advertising spend. Of the more than $ 700 million the candidates spent in total, more than 85 percent went to six states. Florida and Pennsylvania, but also North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Because of the fierce battle now raging there, many news organizations and commentators in the US consider these six the most important states to watch in early November. After all, there is a good chance that it will be decided who can call himself president of the US from next year.

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