At the request of the European Commission, eight telephone operators will share the geolocation data of their customers. A measure that aims to know the effectiveness of containment measures and to define the procedure to be followed in the coming days.

Credit: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

To fight the pandemic of coronavirus, more and more governments are turning to GPS data. This is particularly the case for Israel, which will use its counterterrorism tracking tool to closely monitor the development of the coronavirus. The European Union is following suit and calling on telephone operators in several countries to share the location data of their customers. Orange was chosen in France, alongside the German operators T-Mobile and the English operator Vodafone. According to The world, the idea is to anticipate contamination peaks and adapt the containment measures accordingly.

An exceptional measure that worries and questions about the protection of user data. On this point the European Commission intends to play the transparency card and claims data will be anonymous and that the observation will be made on a larger scale than China for example. Researchers to Study Respect for Containment “At the postal code scale”. The European data protection control will control these collections and ensures that this will not allow tracking of individuals. Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, tells our colleagues in the world that this will “Analyze the density of the population over time to see the link between containment measures and the spread of the virus, with the clear objective of anticipating peaks of contamination.” The European Commission also claims that all data collected will be deleted at the end of the epidemic.

Remember that the containment has been in effect since Tuesday March 17 and that it was to last two weeks. The government is said to be preparing to announce an extension when the State Council this week recommended six weeks for more efficiency.

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