Why you have to stop restraining yourself from sneezing

Dr Jimmy Mohamed, health consultant from Europe 1, reminds us why you should not hold back your sneezes, even at this time when the mask is very often worn. The risk is real for the ears and even for the brain, which can gradually be damaged.

Dr Jimmy Mohamed, our health consultant.” data-reactid=”20″>>> It’s a very banal gesture that we no longer dare to do in public: sneeze. In this period of the coronavirus epidemic and the widespread wearing of masks, the temptation is great to hold back your sneeze. And yet, this gesture is not trivial for health, reminds Tuesday on Europe 1 Dr Jimmy Mohamed, our health consultant.

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“I will first tell the story first of a young man of 34 who, after sneezing, complained of pain in his throat and chest. He decided to consult . And when the doctor examined him, he had the impression of hearing a small cracking. He decided to go for further examinations with a CT scan. He realized that this young man had a tear in his stomach. back of the throat. And to be more precise, what is called a pneumomediastinum, which is air that has entered the area between the lungs. Because when you hold yourself back from sneezing , you increase the pressure, it will be multiplied by 5 to 20.

“By repeating these gestures, all of this will weaken. You will lose neurons”

But that’s not all. Beyond this somewhat anecdotal story, Professor Philippe Amoyel, in his anti-Alzheimer’s guide, recommends never holding back, coughing or sneezing. Because when you do that, you increase the pressure in your nose, in your throat, in …

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