why you should take fiber foods to satiate yourself

Nutrition experts and fitness They do not stop giving you the best advice so that sedentary lifestyle does not affect your body (in excess). From Harvard researchers who have made a list of 3 tricks with which to eat everything without uncontrolling your diet, even the trainers, who are aware of the tendency to exercise at home and report errors they can boycott your progress. If a common moral can be drawn from all the information provided by professionals, it is that healthy eating is the basis for feeling good inside and, in addition, lose weight. To gradually reduce the consumption of snacks Rapids rich in sugar and other harmful ingredients, comes another recommendation that will make your dishes keep you satiated for longer. The secret lies in fiber, a substance with which to quench hunger between food and food.

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Although many experts are committed to not depriving the body of certain foods completely to avoid uncontrollable cravings, they do advise you to choose those rich in fiber, a substance that promotes intestinal health, lowers blood sugar levels and makes you feel satiated in less time. Yes, as a general rule, dishes with a high fiber content manage to fill you more than those that do not have it, in addition, they keep you feeling longer so you will get to the next meal with less anxiety. Nuts, seeds, wholemeal flours or fruits and vegetables are foods rich in this substance.

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From Synlab, a group of medical diagnostic services, they explain how beneficial fiber is to avoid inflammation of the tissues: “Correct anti-inflammatory nutrition helps prevent diseases, promotes mental clarity and performance, improves physical appearance, activates the metabolism – less weight, satiety and more energy – and it has an anti-aging effect. ”To follow their advice, they explain what the ideal shopping list would look like: “It must be very rich in vegetables, vegetables and fruits of many colors -polyphenols-, consuming between 8 and 10 servings of 100 grams a day. It is completed with the intake of a lot of dietary prebiotic fiber, legumes, nuts and with the control of abdominal fat. ”

For all those who have signed up to intermmitent fasting, the fad diet that combines periods of fasting with others in which it is allowed to eat and that follow celebrities like Elsa Pataky or Gisele Bündchen, fiber is also key. “The foods eaten on fasting days should be rich in protein and fiber (meat, skinless chicken, fish and vegetables with a low glycemic index) and carbohydrates should be avoided, “explains Dr. Paula Rosso, nutritionist at Lajo Plaza Medical Center.

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And since we are what we eat, Raquel González, director of education at Perricone MD, explains the importance of healthy eating on beautiful skin: “You should eat more anti-inflammatory foods: green leafy vegetables, low-sugar and high-fiber fruits, low-glycemic protein, foods rich in antioxidants (red fruits or green tea, for example), and omegas, present in blue fish, especially. “And it is that, as the expert explains, the diet directly affects the appearance of the skin:” When We eat many foods rich in sugars, we increase the processes of glycation and inflammation of the body and the skin. In addition, more intestinal obstructions are generated that are somatized directly in the skin. “So, if you want to lose weight and feel more beautiful, include foods rich in fiber on your shopping list.

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