Why Zidane was so hard on Bale


It is better to wear a yellow one once, says the wise Spanish proverbs, and that was what Zinedine Zidane did in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday. Accustomed to elegance, slow and polite speech, and the lordship of the French coach, Zidane, after the game against Bayern, decided to leave for the first time of his usual and exemplary script: "Bale has not been called because the club is trying your exit And if it's tomorrow, better, "he said emphatically. 24 hours before, the reflection of the French had been quite different: «Bale is a Real Madrid player, he has a contract until 2022 and I have to respect him». After thinking about it better with the pillow, Zidane decided that it was time to turn red before yellowing several more press wheels.

«I do not know if in 24 or 48 hours it will be done, but I hope it is imminent for everyone, for him too. He is talking to the club where he can go to play and that's what we're doing. It's nothing personal, but there comes a time where things are done because they should be done. I have to make decisions and some of them means that we have to change, "said Zidane, knowing that his words were going to go around the world in a few minutes. And, surely, that was his goal.

Barnett, in his sauce
In London, Jonathan Barnett did not have a breakfast like any other Sunday. The agent of the Welshman was already warned in the middle of the morning of the non-inclusion of Bale in the list against Bayern, a measure that clearly evidenced the total divorce between coach and player. What Barnett did not expect was the hard explanations of the white coach: "Zidane is a shame, he does not show respect for a player who has done so much for Real Madrid," the agent told the agency to AFP at noon.

Already calmer, he attended ABC on the desktop, recovering his speech and tone of recent months: "What is my plan now? I'm on my couch watching the British Open. I'm not worried about Bale's future. Ask Zidane why he was so hard on him. I do not care what he says ». At least, it was clear that the footballer was no longer the only golf fan of this peculiar British pair.

Put the cards on the table, what for several months has been an open secret is no longer. Bale's stage at Real Madrid has come to an end. And if anyone had any doubts, Zidane has been responsible for clearing it, putting the chronometer running a sale against the clock: "Bale is calm. China? Premier League? I will not give details of the movements you may be doing or not. I'm sorry, "Barnett said in the only moment of the telephone conversation he had with this newspaper in which he did not feel comfortable and did not feel like making jokes.

And is that on July 22, the train seems to have overwhelmed soccer player and representative, whose insurmountable position has broken this weekend in a thousand pieces. Maybe because of naivety or maybe because of too much desire to tighten the rope, but the reality is that today Gareth Bale will not play football again if he does not wear the shirt of another team other than Real Madrid. And that, for a football player with a gross salary of 30 million euros and a few weeks ahead to find a new accommodation, puts him in a difficult situation in a season that also ends in Eurocopa, and his country needs him at his best version if you want to be in the great continental tournament of selections.

Meanwhile, in Real Madrid nothing has changed after the dialectical bomb of Zidane. Rather it has sounded to liberation. In the white club understand that at this point of summer, and with only 18 days ahead to close the market in the Premier, Bale's most likely destination, it was necessary a touch of public attention for player and agent to open the eyes. His tactic of sticking his head in the ground and saying that Bale and his family are very happy in Madrid already sounded like casposo in the white entity, which now waits for a call from Barnett to take the matter as seriously as it is.

It will never go free
Because the reality is not only that Zidane no longer wants to see Bale or in painting, but also that the Welshman has to meet two requirements to end their march. The first, and non-negotiable, forget about any financial compensation. Bale will not charge a penny for the remaining three years of his contract. The second, this one open to discussion, bring an offer that is close to 100 million euros and, in any case, below 60 fixed.

The pattern of Real Madrid this summer is to make a revolution in which none of the players is given away on the exit ramp, and least of all to Bale, who six years later is going to put an end to his target stage.


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