Wicked Wizzard: "We want to give more cane!"


It is said that rock is dead and that young people do not go to concerts. However, these two sentences are clearly violated in the direct stoner rock (rock fumeta) and heavy pureta influenced by the eternal druids of Black Sabbath, which are filled with crazy, pale, barbilampiña and curious laughter.

Concert viewers and members of a recommended trot of prototypical stoner rock are the twenty-year-olds who occupy us today, Wicked Wizzard, from Mungia, who, aerating their guitar riffs with Pentagram, Elder, Black Sabbath, Nebula, Kyuss, Fu Manchu fumes or the Positive premises, will act this week in two places of simple access for the general public, not only for having free admission: Thursday 19 at the 31st Villa Bilbao Contest (Bilborock, from 8 pm) and in the morning of Sunday 22 in an act of the 2nd Getxo Sound Fest, the Marina of Getxo (Silver Tavern, 13.30 h).

With such an excuse we interrogate these three young wizards of fumeta rock with lysergic traces, which are locked in the Magic Box Musica studio, working with James Morgan in his next revalidation, since his namesake debut came to light in 2018.

They inform us: «Íñigo (bass and voice) and Mikel (drums) are childhood friends and we always wanted to have a band. When we created it Unai (guitar) came in to complete the training ».

– Your name is Wicked Wizzard. That is Evil Wizard but with two zetas.

The name is associated with our riffs and songs have a dark and evil character. And we think that writing it with two zetas would add aggressiveness. In this musical style there are many groups that carry the word Wizard in their name, but we like it too much not to use it. In addition, the magicians give a lot of play for both the lyrics and the art of the group.

– What are your influences?

Bugdie, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pentagram… Mainly, but each one contributes what he hears outside that circle. There are many bands outside the genre and that also inspire us when composing or structuring our songs.

You are very young. Do you study or study?

Mikel is 22 years old, studies Concept Art and works as an illustration teacher. Unai is 23 and studies Sound and Performance. And Íñigo is 23 and studies Teaching.

Why are twenties in general attracted to both stoner rock and heavy rock and seventies of Black Sabbath and so on?

We don't know, but in our case Íñigo and Unai have always had that music at home. Mikel grew up with more classic rock, but little by little he delved into these more powerful groups. In the end, when you stop listening to what they intend to impose on the radio and start to develop your musical taste, these bands have much to offer both young people with musical concerns and more experienced people in the world.

Already, it is that many young people attend concerts of this type. How do you see the stoner scene in general in Spain and in Euskadi? Has it diminished?

Although there are very good stoner groups, it is seen that it is not one of the most listened genres in Euskadi. Although we at Wicked Wizzard have always known that we would do what we wanted with our music, regardless of the styles of the groups around us.

Sure. Have you been to other groups before?

Íñigo played in Purple Vellocet. And Mikel and Unai had several groups with whom they were learning to play, but this is their most elaborate project. Mikel currently has several projects outside of Wicked, including Osopardo, a desert rock band.

We already control them. Present the Wicked Wizzard CD to our readers.

– We have always thought that our first album is a cover letter. It serves to teach who we are, what we are able to do and what not, and from there develop our style, which we are doing right now in the recording of our second album.

Under that debut you can ensure that you play a canonical stoner rock, that you issue the rules set by Nebula, Sabbath, Kyuss, Monster Magnet …

We love the rich musical variety that the greats of the 70s left us. We see it as a library with enormous possibilities to learn. Now it is our turn to put our grain of sand to the genre.

– Heh … You sing in English. What are the lyrics about?

In the first album the lyrics had a less obscure direction and narrated small scenes and events as if scenes from a movie were treated. But all related to a dark environment, of course.

And those of the second album you are recording now?

In this second album the lyrics are more elaborate and have a deeper meaning. It covers topics as diverse as honor, and lack thereof, addictions and their effects on the life of the individual, the evil forces that we cannot control and are present in our darkest desires, and even indoctrination and the importance of judgment staff versus the collectivization of ideas. We wanted the songs to be part of the same dark thematic universe. We believe that we have achieved it and that fans will enjoy it.

Interesting arguments A doubt: addictions of what kind?

We have been able to observe how in our near environment certain substances have brought about great changes in the personality, psyche and habits of acquaintances. And we wanted to reflect the kind of internal dialogue that an addicted person can have while clinging to the tiny hope he has left to overcome the pain.

-¿How are your bowling and how will they be on Thursday at the Villa de Bilbao (Bilborock, from 8 p.m.) and on Sunday morning at the Getxo Marina (Silver Tavern, 1.30 p.m.), both with free admission ?

We like to be a live band that sounds loud and strong. Luckily, the public usually tells us that it is. It is always good to transmit raw energy that the public then returns to you. On Thursday we plan to release a traca of only new issues, to pinion, because we only have half an hour. We won't have time to breathe! On Sunday we will take the opportunity to play something else with the songs.

What will you do on Saturday night, knowing that on Sunday you will have to get up early?

On Saturday night we will be at the Gasteiz Xperimental Fest watching some great concerts organized by our good friends in Entropy. We will recharge batteries on Monday.

Ha ha … I was referring to the psychedelic festival of Vitoria held in Falerina Taberna from 6 and free. Good look. What do you aspire in the Villa de Bilbao?

We aspire to give a concert that leaves us satisfied. We care very much to enjoy our live shows. When that happens, the public also enjoys it and it is wonderful. We just hope there is a good atmosphere.

How many concerts have you given?

We have lost count in these last two years, but what we know is that they are not enough yet. We want to give more cane!

Which has been the worst?

There is no specific one, but there have been several with failures either by us or by technical failures.

Well remember some of those …

It has been more than one. In each one there has been a different fault. But honestly there has not been a really disastrous concert. Only those in which you leave with the feeling that you could have done better. Of these there are more than one. Although thinking a little …

Come, come, tell us.

There was one in which we dressed up as sorcerers, with robes and wigs. And the wigs bothered us so much that we couldn't play quite well. We gave one like that and never again. We will not tell you where it happened.

I understand, ha ha … And the best bolus?

The best could be the Kafe Antzokia with Dead Bronco or in Mungia with Osopardo. To these came all our friends. It was incredible.

Already, like a wedding, we imagine.

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