Wilder vs Fury fight LIVE: comments on boxing flow, UK start time, score

The Night is Here Welcome to the Evening Standard live coverage of Deontay Wilder’s revenge vs. Tyson Fury.

UK start time: The ringwalks are expected to become between 4 and 5.

TV channel / live streaming: BT Sport Box Office and the BT Sport Box Office app.

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Live updates

Time for Wilder’s entry. It will be great.

Fury is now raised in the ring sitting on a throne carried five feet in the air to Patsy Cline’s Crazy deformations. Surreal.

Fury makes his way through the tunnel – he looks very regal dressed in real clothes.

Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis got together

Before the anthems, they introduced us to some of the heroes of the last generation of heavyweight boxing gold with Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis honored in front of a Las Vegas crowd.

Back in the same arena where Tyson became infatuated with a part of Holyfield’s ear in one of the most amazing moments in sports history, the duo was alongside three-time champion Lewis to be honored by the WBC.

We have had hymns in the UK and the US – there isn’t much to wait for now.

Charles Martin beats Gerald Washington through the sixth round KO

Sometimes that was a hard watch, but it was a brilliant final shot by Martin, who swung left after Washington had let his guard down.

Martin vs Washington | Round 6

Martin produces a huge left and Washington crumbles on the carpet! Tony Weeks intervenes and interrupts him, Martin gets the victory!

Martin vs Washington | Round 5

Another round of Martin: find a house with another rigid one just above the top. Washington has been caught with some of them and is just asking to be caught with them.

Martin vs Washington | Round 4

A much better round from Martin who throws a big right over and takes Washington flush.

Martin vs Washington | Round 3

The most boring round of the fight – and the others weren’t fantastic either. Both men launch from too far with the crowd not at all interested.

Martin vs Washington | Turn 2

Washington gets the best shot of the second round before the bell. The crowd has already lost interest in this. I can’t really blame them.

Martin vs Washington | Turn 1

A quiet start to the round, but Washington gets a couple of heavy rights in the past 30 seconds that have stunned the former champion. Martin responds with a stiff shot.


Martin vs Washington

And the opening bell goes.


Other undercard actions – Gerald Washington faces former IBF world champion Charles Martin in an eliminator for that same belt – currently returning to the life of Anthony Joshua.

Emanuel Navarrete’s team takes off their right glove rather cautiously – it looks like it has hurt that hand in there.


Emanuel Navarrete beats Jeo Santisima for technical knockout

Preview of the fight

15 months after the first epic bout in Los Angeles, heavyweight kings return to war tonight with Fury looking to become the first man to beat Wilder and get his WBC title.

A controversial draw in the first match set the tone for a relentless build-up to tonight’s rematch. Now, the time for talking is over.

Date, UK start time and location

Wilder vs Fury 2 takes place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in the early hours of Sunday morning on February 23rd.

It’s an early start for fans of combat in the UK with catwalks for the main event scheduled no earlier than 4 in the morning.

Will there be a live streaming? How can I see it?

Wilder vs Fury 2 is available for live viewing on BT Sport Box Office at a price of £ 24.95.

BT Sport Box Office is available via BT TV, Virgin TV, TalkTalk TV and Sky and is available for streaming via the BT Sport Box Office app.

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Fury boldly predicted a knockout victory and looks like a more formidable physical presence that is heading into this fight than the first fight.

But interacting with Wilder rarely ends well: if Fury manages to replicate his almost perfect performance from the first fight without being knocked down again we will have a new champion.


  • Charles Martin versus Gerald Washington
  • Emanuel Navarrete vs Jeo Santisima
  • Sebastian Fundora against Daniel Lewis


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