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Wildlife trade in Africa and Asia continues

AThe wildlife photographer Aaron Gekoski saw the last days of mankind at an animal market in Benin. “We’re doomed,” the award-winning British photographer posted on Facebook in January. Research conducted on behalf of the World Animal Protection (WAP) conservation organization had led him to those marketplaces in the small West African state where voodoo priests buy the accessories for their magic. The order was about “the complex relationship of humanity to animals”.

Thilo Thielke

Thilo Thielke

Freelance rapporteur for Africa based in Cape Town.

What Aaron Gekoski saw there shook even the experienced image reporter. His crew and he would have seen “every dead animal you can imagine: crocodiles, baboons, turtles, snakes, hyenas, dogs, chameleons, dozens of bird species and even the hands of gorillas”. He is now asking himself what hope there is for the animal world. The question was meant rhetorically.


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