Will Bethesda games come out on PS5? Not even the CEO of PlayStation himself has the answer

Jim Ryan has spoken about Bethesda news following the acquisition by Xbox.

It’s the million dollar question. What’s going to happen to Bethesda games on PS5? The Xbox purchase of the company She has been raising a question for weeks that still has no answer. There has been much speculation about it and none of the parties involved has spoken clearly. Recently from the Redmond company stated that their plans are that games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout o Doom come ‘first and best’ to the Xbox family.

Now, they have transferred the question to the other side. Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, has granted an interview with the portal TASS, in which he has discussed many aspects of the future of PS5, warning of the possibility of a servicio similar a Game Pass. He has also been questioned about what he thinks is going to happen to Bethesda games on PS5. And he has been quite honest, ensuring that they cannot do too much from the Japanese company.

Jim Ryan admits not knowing what will happen to Bethesda games on PS5“It is a decision that it’s out of our hands; we will wait and see what happens. “Is Ryan’s response to the aforementioned medium, making it clear that he does not know how Bethesda and Xbox will proceed when some of the most powerful titles of sagas like those mentioned above go on sale. manager, or does not know, or has not wanted to pronounce on it, so we will have to wait to find out what.

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Exclusivity or not, time will clear up the unknown that worries a good part of the owners or future buyers of PS5. Until the time comes, take a look at our report on the 10 highest rated games in Bethesda history.

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