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will have, for example, twice as many animations as the original

The Techland video game has been one of the main protagonists of the GamesCom in the Xbox event.

One of the great protagonists of GamesCom 2021 yesterday was Dying Light 2, without any doubt. The game is not only very promising for leaning on everything we saw in the original title and expanding it and making it playable, but also from the point of view graphic and technical it is going to have many news of interest.

The sequel will have more than a thousand animationsFor example, and as explained by Techland, the video game has something more than 1,000 animations, which means that the figure is double what we saw in the original Dying Light. A piece of information that comes to contribute with technological facts the decision to increase the verticality of the scenarios and the relevance of parkour, already one of the most important elements of the first part.

The video game also attaches great importance to a series of new tools that will be available to the protagonist to exponentially increase his mobility. Something that fits perfectly with what we have seen in the last trailer for Dying Light 2 that you can see on these lines.

GamesCom 2021 continues

It is clear that every time we see a new video of the game, like the Dying Light 2 gameplay that was presented yesterday, it is great news for fans of open world video games in general and fans of zombie titles in particular. . The title, which goes on sale later this year, is one of the great promises of 2021.

Remember, yes, that the news of the German fair does not stop, and that if yesterday we had the Xbox conference (of which you can see all its news in that link), this afternoon you can follow the opening event live with 3D Games.

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